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India awakened to find herself in the woods, foreign woods she had not seen before. Trying to find a point of reference, she soon gave up as dense woods was all she could see for miles. She often visited Middle-Earth, using her magic she was able to create portals easily through each world. India was often bored back home, ever since good won the battle against evil, they were kept pretty low key, rendering her powers almost useless. Here in Middle-Earth she was challenged, and forever meeting new, interesting characters. Upon her last visit she stayed in Gondor.

Gondor looked a lot different to where she was now. “Curse the unpredictability of my portals.” She muttered under her breath.

There was a light rustle in the trees around her, but she dismissed it as a breeze. India chose one direction and began to walk, hoping it would lead her to a civilisation, or at least some where she recognised. As she kept walking she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being followed. She stood still for a brief moment, catching her breath as it was hard work making her way through the dense forestation. There was an unmistakable crunch from a footstep behind her, and as she turned around a red haired elf emerged, her bow aimed at her head.

“State your business.” She requested coldly.

“I’m lost.” India explained.

“What are these portals you speak of?” She demanded further. India frowned, she barely heard herself speak those words, let alone to be heard by any followers. “Well?” She insisted, when another elf emerged from the woods.

“Where are you from?” The other elf demanded. His long blonde hair was pulled back in the same manner of every other elf she had met; except a few braids adorned his head.

“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Try me.” He spoke as coldly as his friend, bringing up his bow to point directly at her head. India looked on helplessly as she found herself at the wrong end of both elves arrows. She had come to know elves as kind and just creatures, not like what she was experiencing now.

“I am from a world you would not understand, another realm, where we have nothing but mere mortal men, and technology so advanced you would be frightened.” She began explaining herself.

“If you are a mere mortal where did you possess the power to create portals?” The female elf inquired.

“There are a selected few; good witches who have powers to keep evil at bay. A few years ago we won the battle against evil, and now we have become useless. That’s why I seek adventure and fun here in Middle-Earth.” She tried to answer her question as best as she could.

“You find wandering around in the Mirkwood forrest a fun adventure?” The male elf asked in disbelief.

“I did not mean to arrive here.”

“But you are good?” The red haired elf butted in before he could speak again.

“Yes.” India said with relief as she lowered her bow, motioning for him to do the same.

“Do you not know how dangerous it is to wander around these parts of the woods?” She asked. “If the spiders do not frighten you enough to keep you away, then perhaps you should consider the dark evil that has surrounded these parts for the past year.”

“I had no clue where I was... Spiders?” India asked, her insides turning. “What kind?”

“Bigger than you or me.” The male answered. India’s eyes flew open, and she froze.

“Here?” She could barely get the words out of her mouth.

He smirked. “You really aren’t from around here, are you?” He let out a small laugh. “I am Legolas, son of King Thranduil. This is Tauriel-”

“I can introduce myself.” She snapped, making him frown.

“I’m India.” She said in an attempt to break the awkward situation.

“Well, India, we shall take you back to the city of Mirkwood, where you can stay until you desire to leave.” Legolas offered, extending his arm, waiting for her to follow them back to his home.


India was lead straight to the king, where he sat on his throne. “I found her walking through the woods, unarmed, and unaware of her surroundings.” Legolas explained to his father. “She is not from around here, and has no where to stay.”

King Thranduil narrowed his eyes, looking her up and down. “So where are you from, child?”

“I’m no child, sir, I’m 20 years old.” She said with a half smile.

The King did not even batter an eyelid at her retort. “To be only 20 years of age an expect that you have the knowledge of an adult is a rather silly assumption. As elves we do not finish growing until we have experienced 100 years, but you child, are no elf. What are you?”

India was taken back by his blunt response, taking a few seconds to form an answer. “I am a human, a mortal, but I have special powers, I suppose you could call me a witch, even though I despise that name.”

King Thranduil raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “A witch you say? What sort of powers do you possess?”

“Well, a bit of everything really.” She stated, receiving an un-impressed look from the King. “I can create a ball of energy in my hands, freeze time briefly, and in dire circumstances, I’ve been known to possess the power to heal.” India explained with confidence, striking an impressed look from the King.

“Very good, M’lady.” He said as he stood up from his throne. “Legolas, please show this girl to her room, and show her to the bath house as I can assume she would like to relax.”

“Of course, father.” Legolas nodded as he escorted India out of the room, and Tauriel followed closely behind.

“Not you Tauriel.” He commanded. “I wish to speak with you.”

India looked behind her to see Tauriel stop in her tracks, a worried look upon her face. She frowned as she turned around and was quickly ushered out by Legolas. He lead her through the beautiful halls of his home, before suddenly stopping to open the door to the room where she would be sleeping.

“Here we are.” He said with a warm smile, bringing her in to properly show her the room. It was fit for a princess, walls painted a beautiful shimmering silver, a bookcase filled with literature, a hand crafted wooden desk, and a large bed with a canopy sat neatly in the middle of the room.

“It’s lovely.” She said in awe, basking in the beauty of her surroundings.

“It is, isn’t it?” He replied, admiring the beauty, feeling lucky to call this place home. “I shall show you to the bath house, and I shall arrange some sleeping clothes and a dress for you to wear for tomorrow.” Legolas offered, bringing her back out of the room.

India followed him to the end of the hall, where two double doors opening to a bath house so unbelievable she could hardly believe it existed. It was moments like these when she remembered why she travelled to Middle-Earth. “Thank-you, Prince Legolas.”

He let out a small laugh at her use of his title. “That is quite alright India, but please just call me Legolas.” As he turned to leave he hesitated. “I am sorry for how aggressive Tauriel and myself were towards you when we first met.”

“It’s fine, really.” India assured him. “You were just doing your job.”

Legolas let out a big sigh. “Actually we had been fighting moments prior to seeing you. I guess we let out anger get the better of us.” He looked down for a brief second, as though he was trying to pull himself together. “Never mind, I will not let it happen again. You are most welcome here, India.”

“Thanks Legolas, I really appreciate your apology, however unnecessary it was.” She smiled, holding back her will to ask if they were dating. He nodded and turned to leave, she had missed her chance. The doors closed, leaving her in solitude to run her a bath and gather her thoughts.

“Of course she is his girlfriend.” India mumbled, her head barely above the water. “Just look at him, he could have any girl he wanted.”
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