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Story Notes:
My first girl falls into middle earth...well if you can call it that, Also first ever story written with use of first person chapters...Be nice!!!

Summery is better now!! the story however is still better
Chicago present day
Some say your death is destiny, nothing you can do changes that. I can’t have meant to die though can I?? I remember falling to the floor, the smoke filling my lungs then blackness. My mind dulling and my only thought was that this would not have happened in a fairy tale. There would have been someone to save me. But not this time.
Before I tell you any more, you should know my name. My name is or was Robin; I worked part time in a bar and was a part of a gang. That is what got me killed. I had a normal group of friends, went to a normal collage. Yet under all of that I had wanted more and had joined a group of criminals.

It had been late on Friday night and I had been curled up on the couch eating been and jerry’s ice cream and watching the lord of rings part one, if my friend Nicola had heard me call it that she would have had a fit. Nicola was my closest friend, she had a ridiculous obsession with lord of the rings, it was so easy to wind her up about it, my friends and I would often ask her when Boromir and Arwen married just to wind her up. Of course we all know by now that Boromir was killed off in the first film and book. That was when I had smelt the smoke. At first I thought it was the toaster burning the toast I had put on, but when I went to investigate something felt very wrong. The next thing I knew I was calling the fire brigade. Then I had been flung to the floor by the lamp falling from the roof. That was how I died. Killed by a light falling from a ceiling. No renown in that as Eowyn would say.
But this is not a story of how I died, it is a story of rebirth, and redemption and how I came to live again.

Valanor, Mandos’s halls.
“We should do something” Mandos sighed, watching the image of the girl, burning in her home in the pool of water. “Perhaps” Vairė replied “But how?” “She could be reborn in a different time, I have some things I want changing in Loren and she could be the key to doing so” Mandos answered. “Will she remember anything” Vairė asked. “Only in dreams and they will be that to her, dreams” Mandos responded. “Then we must try” Vairė sighed. Mandos nodded “By my will be done, this woman’s death shall be her birth, send her to the home of Mareas and his wife Limese, by dawn tomorrow Lamese will be with child, I have spoken” Mandos spoke. The face of Lamese filled the pool, a look of happy wonder on her face. “They have long wished for a child, Mareas grows old and weary. Lamese will need her babe once he passes” Vairė said softly. “The child will grow and a fate waits it that none can alter, but for now the she-elf will have a child to be her comfort when her husband does fade” Mandos answered. “Then we will wait, and pray that this fate will be kind”
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