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The only character I own is Erytheia (pronounced Er-a-th-ee-ya), and what she is will be explained in the next chapter. I think this will mostly stay closer to the movies, but I may include some things from the book. The characters will be like they are in movie. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.

"You will be needed Erytheia, and I don't think it will be the ring bearer you must assist." Gandalf saw the understanding in her large serpentine eyes though she couldn't speak.

"We will leave from Rivendell and I fear the path we must take. We will need you then. Follow us once we depart and stay hidden until you see that your help is most dire. If that moment does not arise I will call for you. Do you understand Erytheia." The wizard watched as she nodded her great black head.

"Go to Rivendell and wait there, some time will pass before we will be ready to set fourth." Gandalf took a step back and observed Erytheia, in all her terrible beauty, take to the sky on her large black wings. He wondered what reception she'd receive, fore she was one of the last of her kind.

She waited outside of Rivendell for almost a year before the ring bearer arrived, and more time still for him to heal from his wounds. She hid herself well enough that no one besides Gandalf knew she was there. There was the possibility that Aragorn knew she was near, they'd met many years ago when he first went by the name of Strider. But she had a different appearance when they first met, and it was only when he was endangered that she showed her true self. He asked her to stay with him for a time, her being his only companion and him being the same to her, in which they grew fonder of one another. She left him only when Gandalf called her, and now she was waiting.

She was close enough to hear the meeting and watched as nine individuals stepped forward to join the fellowship; there were four hobbits, two men, an elf, a dwarf, and a wizard. She knew the elf and the other man would kill her once they knew what she was, but the dwarf would only wish to kill her true self, not her other self. Only the hobbits would accept her for what she was because that was their nature. Out of nine there were only two who knew of her existence, one a man she called a friend and one a wizard who had called her to aide.

After following the fellowship for days on foot she longed to spread her wings, but Gandalf had told her to stay hidden. She stayed far back keeping a watchful eye on each member. She found that she did not like the other man, Boromir, who contained too much pride and arrogance. The same could be said of the elf Legolas, who only considered Gandalf's opinion worthy. The dwarf Gimli remained true to his kind in that of him acting before he thought. She found that she enjoyed watching the hobbits, they were so strange when compared to all other peoples. They were kind, and lighthearted, and never seemed to be full. Frodo was the ring bearer, and the more serious of the four whilst Sam was his protector. Merry watched after Pippin because he was reckless. She watched after Pippin the most. Unlike Gimli who acted and then thought about what he should have done, the hobbit never seemed to think. It was for Pippin that her help became most dire before Gandalf called to her.

Whilst he wasn't being paid attention to, the reckless hobbit climbed a steep rocky cliff that ran along where the rest of the fellowship was walking. He was over a hundred feet above the ground before anyone took notice. But by that time Erytheia had run around behind the cliff out of sight in case Pippin should fall.

"Pippin what are you doing?" Merry asked nervously once he saw that his friend had climbed the steep rock cliff. After Merry's exclamation the group looked where the hobbit was, now over three hundred feet above the ground.

"I just wanted to see the view, you should join me Merry."

"How are you planning on getting down?" Yelled Aragorn, even a grown man would die falling from that height, let alone a hobbit. Pippin looked around him and shrugged but kept climbing. He got to the top and found that the only down was walking back the way he'd come. He really had only wanted to see the view. Whilst he was gazing at the vastness of the land before him, the ledge he was standing on began to break away.

The group below watched as Pippin began to fall, and heard his cry of fear. Then they saw a terrifying black dragon fly towards Pippin, and watched as the hobbit entered the beast's large mouth.
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