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Summary: When Cory Blair is called into work in the middle of the night, she finds herself staring at the body of a man who looks like he bounced out of a Medieval Fair. And this time, he's alive.
Rated: NC-17
Categories: Crossovers Characters: Boromir, Original Character
Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Erotica, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), First Draft, Graphic Sex, Rape, Violence
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Published: Aug 16 2012 Updated: Sep 21 2015

1. Chapter 1: An Unwanted Call by ToriLee [Reviews - 9] (1309 words)
Okay. I have no idea if this particular town is real or not. But creative license says it's okay. I do not own any Lord of the Rings characters mentioned/portrayed, but my OC's do belong to me.

2. Chapter 2: Wide Awake by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1491 words)
I do not own the sexy man who came by boat. Quite unfortunate. But hey, at least I own Cory Blair. That's gotta count for something. Review are nice by the way. Just so you know :)

3. Chapter 3: Nothing On This Guy by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1627 words)
Quite unfortunately, I do not own any Lord of the Rings rights that go into this fanfiction. *sigh. But Cory Blair is MY OC, and MY responsibility, but I can't always control what she does...okay yes I can...but still. Reviews are nice *cough cough* Just saying.

4. Chapter 4: First Impression At Cory's by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1029 words)
DISCLAIMER! I do not own any Lord of the Rings ideas and characters mentioned below. All I can claim is Cory's terrible mood and her badassery. Yes, I think that's a word...

Anywho. Reviews are encouraged and welcomed.

5. Chapter 5: Gotta Love Family by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (3569 words)
DISCLAIMER! I do not own Boromir. But I do take credit for the massive creativity I put into this chapter in which i made up on the spot. Be happy I do so.

6. Chapter 6: TGIF, But It Ain't Friday by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1726 words)
DISCLAIMER: I do not have the honor of owning any Lord of the Rings content expressed below. But I'd appreciate a review here or there.

7. Chapter 7: Why Cory Must Do Everything by ToriLee [Reviews - 2] (1937 words)
DISCLAIMER: I do not own J.R.R. Tolkein's character Boromir or any of the Lord of the Rings subjects breached in this chapter. But I do owe the creation of my OC's to myself because I'm just selfish.

8. Chapter 8: Montpelier by ToriLee [Reviews - 3] (1431 words)
Did anyone else's computer crap out on them and erase a perfectly good chapter? No, just me? Here's the best recreation I have. And I also do not own Boromir. Enjoy the fruits of my labor.

9. Chapter 9: One Big Scary Spark by ToriLee [Reviews - 2] (1713 words)

10. Chapter 10: A Sick Form Of Foreplay by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1801 words)
Thank you very much for those who take the time and leave a review. It's much appreciated.

11. Chapter 11: Lost And Found, Then Lost Again by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1422 words)
Zoh my goodness! Over 1000 reads already! *Brofist* Thank you very much for R&Ring. :3

12. Chapter 12: The Book by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1062 words)

13. Chapter 13: Conflicted by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1608 words)

14. Chapter 14: Reconciliation Is An Understatement by ToriLee [Reviews - 3] (1979 words)
I'm so glad I'm getting such positive feedback from readers! Thank you very much! I had a request from a friend at school (yes, the same friend that asked me to do it for Thicker Than Water) to change points of view. So I shall oblige. Oh and the reason this is rated NC-17? It's because of chapters like this.

15. Chapter 15: The Power Of I Love You by ToriLee [Reviews - 3] (1187 words)

16. Chapter 16: Case Re-Opened by ToriLee [Reviews - 2] (1296 words)
*Thanks to my beta EnchantessM for preserving what little I had left of my sanity.

17. Chapter 17: Her Name Is Alice by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1280 words)
Wonderful regards to my beta-reader EnchantessM!

*Just so you know, the dream isn't real life! Hint hint. So no complaints or pissing and moaning.

18. Chapter 18: A Different Sort Of Punishment by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (2336 words)
*Thanks to my beta-reader EnchantessM and the newly received fan-mail! Much appreciated!
**Slight kink in this chapter as well ;)

19. Chapter 19: Let The Games Begin by ToriLee [Reviews - 2] (1823 words)
A thousand thanks to my beta-reader EnchantessM!
On a side note: 2000+ reads now! Holy shite!

20. Chapter 20: The Lake House(Not The Movie) by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (1035 words)
Oh my shit...I apologize from the deepest cavers of my heart that I haven't updated. It's driving me crazy, but alot of personal issues have popped up. Anyway, thank you EnchantessM for beta-reading.

21. Chapter 21: First Day At Beth's by ToriLee [Reviews - 2] (1432 words)
ELLOS READERS! I am soooo sorry for the long wait. Lot's of family stuff going on. But I wanna thank my wonderful Beta-reader for giving me a boot up my ass. Thank you all for your patience. And please R&R.

22. Chapter 22: A Day Outdoors by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (808 words)
I realize it's a bit short, but I promise it'll get more interesting. R&R if you'd like, no pressure.

23. Chapter 23: Two-Way Deception by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1344 words)
Thanks for your patience with all of my updating :)
And thanks to my bets EnchantessM for being amazing!
Please R&R if you'd like.

24. Chapter 24: Addressing the Situation by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (624 words)
Hi, guys! I know I haven't updated this story in...well too damn long. SO here's a little snipit.

Thanks to my beta reader Enchantess M for being wonderful!

25. Chapter 25: The Family Reunion by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (3300 words)
Sorry it took so long to update this one!
Thanks to my beta-reader EnchantessM for being amazing!
Thanks for reading!

26. Chapter 26: Shattered by ToriLee [Reviews - 1] (2857 words)
Thanks to my amazing beta-reader EnchantessM! You're amazing. (Apologizing beforehand because y'all are not gonna like me at all after these next few chapters).


27. Chapter 27: The Cabin in the Woods by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (2926 words)
Please for the love of the Gods don't hate me.
Thanks to my beta-reader EnchantessM for putting up with my bs.

28. Chapter 28: Day 1 by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1439 words)
Thanks for my beta-reader EchantessM for enduring the torture. You're awesome!

Thank you for reading!

29. Chapter 29: Day 2 by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (1871 words)
Thanks to EnchantessM for being wonderful and putting up with my craziness!


30. Chapter 30: Day 3 by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (4276 words)
Thanks to my beta reader EnchantessM for helping me out with this! The torture is almost over.


31. Chapter 31: Day 4... by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (4123 words)
Okay so just a warning, this chapter contains graphic violence and sexual situations that might make you uncomfortable.

Please read at your own risk.

Thanks to my lovely beta-reader EnchantessM!

32. Chapter 32: The Sun Rises by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (2266 words)
Thanks to my beta-reader EnchantessM for being so patient!

Hopefully some of this chapter clears up some questions.


33. Chapter 33: Epilogue by ToriLee [Reviews - 0] (2674 words)
Thank you to everyone who has stuck around to finish my story, I feel humbled and I'm thankful you've dealt with my many hiatus' over these few years. Hopefully this last chapter cleans everything up nicely, and I've given it a little happy ending. Thank you also to EnchantessM, whose been an absolute angel.

Enjoy the final chapter of Down the River Anduin