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Author's Chapter Notes:
These are responses to a series of writing prompts. Enjoy! Fire is set after Moria, Water is set when Sam and Frodo are going through Mordor, Earth is after Aragorn recruits the dead guys(can't remember what they're called... I'm exhausted) before the battle of Pellenor Fields, and Air is at the crowning of Aragorn. Nations is after the movies completley.

They all sat by the fire, gazing into its depths, and though many of them felt numbness, one felt something more. He could remember another time he had felt fire, and it had licked its deadly tounges across his dream. He could still hear the exchange, watch as his father commanded her killed, and recall darkness as he had moved to stop the guards. He had not felt numb then, and he did not now, as he watched the flames lick the faces of the hobbits, and he wept.

He wept for all things that had happened, both then and now, and as his tears fell, they fell to the ground and seemed to catch alight, going up in flames like all the rest of the world, burning, writhing as it tried to escape. But nothing escaped fire, and fire was stopped by nothing. gandalf had been burned by it, had been consumed by the dancing flames, and now they would all follow, decieved by the golden ribbons that acted harmless until you opened yourself.

And as he had lost his love to the fire, so he lost himself, remaining strong on the outside, but inside just a single ember, always starting the fire that ended all things.


Crossing the plains of Mordor was bad enough, with the Eye always watching, always looking, but to have no water, except for the dirty stuff they could find, was a nightmare. With only Lembas to eat, and the water in mordor as vile as it was, it was a miracle they had survived this long. But still, Mr.Frodo was looking weaker everyday, and Sam wondered if it was from the water.


The Elf-Prince had never thought he would have missed the earth this much. After even the short amount of time spent beneath the ground, he had begun to ache for the trees and grass he had lived his whole life in. of course, he would never show it in the way the Dwarf did- he was a Prince, after all, but still, Legolas felt like kneeling and kissing the earth after the smell of death had nearly choked him.

The trees above sunk their roots deep down into the soil, and Legolas, for once, wished he could too, and forget the coming battle and the war for the ring. He wished he could live out all of his days on the earth, living with it.


After the suffocating heat of Mount Doom and the sickening stench in the air of Mordor, Gondor smelled sweeter than flowers in spring. Strider-Aragorn- no, Elessar, now- stood up on a dais in front of the crowd, and to the four hobbits(and Gimli) he looked like he was floating on air. The hobbits felt as if they were floating on air. Each had been through their own troubles, and each had found themselves wishing for the opportunity to bbe able to breath their own air, and be free once again.


At the fourth annual celebration of the destruction of the One Ring, Aragorn found himself conversing with the appointed Emmisaries of all of the Nations. Pippin and Merry were there, as was his wife, Arwen-for two reasons, being his wife and an elf- and Eowyn was there with Eomer and Faramir. Normally he would of been having a great time with his closest friends, but Arwen was with a child, he was fearfull for her. He knew now that Eowyn was also with a child, and that their children would someday unite the Nations and create an even more peaceful world.
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