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Author's Chapter Notes:
So the first of my 100 Theme Challenges No. 1 Beginnings.

Characters: Frodo, Sam and Gandalf (mentioned).
Setting: The Shire.
Warnings: Bromance.
Cross-over: No.
Word Count; 872.

Story; Frodo fears leaving the Shire with the Ring and Sam comforts him, referring how they believe at the beginning that they will get to go home after they reach Rivendell.
100 Theme Challenge
1: Beginnings

Frodo looked out into the night and smiled forlornly as he watched birds flying into the hedge outside of Bag End. He was trembling and his heart was full of fear and worry. Tomorrow he would be leaving Bag End to travel to the elven realm of Rivendell, bearing the One Ring, which Sauron was searching for, using enemies Frodo had only heard about and was sure he did not want to meet.

"Mister Frodo?" Sam's voice broke through his thoughts and Frodo turned his head slightly to look at his loyal friend and gardener.

"I'm afraid to leave the Shire Sam." Frodo said gently, gripped the Ring where it lay in his pocket, "I've heard so much about the outside world from Bilbo and now that it's time for me to travel to it I am too afraid to do so."

Sam came and stood next to Frodo by the window and looked out over the dark Shire, his owns thoughts racing. He had never left the Shire before, there was a limit to the places he had explored and he too was nervous to leave, but there was no way he was letting Frodo go on his own on such a dangerous adventure. "It's alright Mister Frodo, we're only travelling to Rivendell after all, the Ring should be safe there. Mister Bilbo went out a lot farther than I think we will, we'll be back in the Shire before you know it." He said eventually as a way of calming Frodo. It did make Frodo feel a little better, but there was still a fear lying in his mind about what he had to do and the burden he had to bear.

"Bilbo didn't set out with the Ring Sam, he wasn't being sought after by dark creatures that are more powerful than we are. That is what frightens me." Frodo pointed out. Sam put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Gandalf said he would go with us Mister Frodo, we should be safe with Gandalf at our side." Sam reassured the frightened Hobbit. Frodo knew Gandalf was hidden somewhere within Bag End, resting for the beginning of the journey tomorrow, or so he said. Glancing aside his gaze fell on the bags that they had packed before and laid by the door ready to go and the walking sticks they had chosen as well to help their tired feet. Gandalf would not be going the whole way with them, as their first destination was Bree and Gandalf had other matters to deal with.

"The path we take where Gandalf will not be there is the path I fear most of all Sam. I can feel this dark presence, almost as if he is searching for me, like he knows we are stood here with the Ring in tow. It is a horrible feeling and something tells me it will only increase as we head east to Rivendell." Frodo admitted and Sam smiled weakly.

"It's alright Mister Frodo, as soon as we get to Rivendell it can become somebody else burden. The beginning of our short journey is tomorrow though Mister Frodo, we should really get some rest." Sam said confidently and Frodo followed his friend away from the window towards his room.

"I do not think I will be getting much sleep tonight Sam." Frodo sighed as he took off his coat and hung it over the end of a chair. The Ring was still in one of the pockets and Frodo had the urge to take it and hide it under his pillow so it would be closer to him.

"Shall I stay with you Mister Frodo?" Sam asked quietly, nervous at being so forward, but wanting to make sure that Frodo got all the rest he needed. Frodo looked at his friend, contemplating his offer. His mind was taken off the ring and the threat of Mordor and the peril they faced seemed lighter.

"Yes Sam, I think that would be best." He replied lightly. Both hobbits pulled off their normal clothes and dressed themselves in their pyjamas in silence, both thinking about different things and neither really feeling like striking up conversation. Frodo finished first, but he did not move to climb into bed until Sam was done. He wanted to sleep on the edge of the bed, so if anything happened in the night he could run away easily and get to the Ring quickly. Telling Sam this, the other hobbit nodded and slid into Frodo's single bed. It was a tight fit for them, until Sam made Frodo lie so he was facing the wall opposite him, laying the same way and holding Frodo in his arms.

"Goodnight Mister Frodo." Sam whispered.

"I suppose this may be our last goodnight Sam," Frodo mused as he closed his eyes, "For the beginning of the journey tomorrow may steal them all away." Sam did not reply but Frodo could tell his friend was still awake. They lay awake, comforted by each other's presence, for a long time and Frodo did not remember falling asleep, but when he did he recalled hearing a soft voice singing some of Bilbo's old songs in the darkness of the night.
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