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Story Notes:
Men and Elves

Man and Elves. One would think that these two races could live in Middle Earth in perfect harmony, but you would be sadly mistaken. For these two races had, for many years, held so much hatred for each other that the loathing and fear of the "Dark Lord" could compare not. Both races could live peacefully among the Hobbits and Dwarves, and the other inhabitants of Middle Earth, but they could not live with each other. Many battles were fought between them over the slightest of differences.

The House of Gondor was the strongest amongst man. Their love of freedom, and their greed for power was Gondor's driving force. Aragorn, the soon to be king, and his band of brothers in arms, watched over their Kingdom with all knowing eyes. They put it upon themselves to protect everyone from the elves. Brothers, Boromir and Faramir along with their friend Eomer, would fight the elves to their death, if it meant protecting Aragorn's family and Gondor.

The House of Elrond, from Rivendell, was the strongest of the race of elves. Their grace and beauty, was far beyond any other, and their wisdom was respect throughout Middle Earth. They were fierce hunters and fighters, their skills were unmatched by few. Legolas was one such warrior elf. All the greatest elvish qualities flowed through him, like a stream running down a mountainside. He was a young elf and being so, he was quite mischievous. He and his friends, Haldir and twins Elladan and Elrohir, were always looking for trouble, especially when it came to trouble with man.

As it came to pass, one man tried to put an end to the rivalry between the two. And that was Gandalf. He was a kind and gentle wizard, who loved and befriended all of the races of the land. Gandalf wanted peace in Middle Earth and he would go to length to make it so. He decided to bring ,all the races of Middle Earth, together in a "Great Gathering of Peace". It was designed to let men and elves gather together, in a peaceful atmosphere, and try to put all their differences aside. Than maybe man and elves could see just how, terribly wrong, their feuding had been. The "Great Gathering" would occur in the most peaceful land of them all, Hobbiton, in the Shire.

The hobbits were so honored that the gathering was going to be in their home. They busied themselves for weeks, preparing for the event. To watch them, one had to laugh at seeing the organized chaos that they engaged in. Hobbits ran to and fro, making everything just right for their Middle Earth visitors. The gathering would last for a week, and Valar willing, all would be peaceful during the events, and continue to be that way forever more.

Gwenneth peered out the window of the castle and smiled at the sight of the beautiful morning sky in front of her. It was breathtaking, with its bright hues of reds and yellows; it filled her heart with joy and happiness. Gwenneth was, the younger sister of Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor. Her beauty was known throughout Gondor, for there was no fairer in the land. Her beautiful long wavy coal black hair was as dark as raven feathers, as it stretched down beneath her waist. Her eyes were as blue as the sky on summer morning, and her skin was as pure as the fresh snow, that lay on the mountaintops. Bewitching was one way to best describe her beauty. But she didn't see it, when it came to her beauty she was very shy and modest about it. She carried herself as a very humble and honest woman, not like some stuck up princess. For that only added to her inner beauty as well. Everyone that she encountered fell in love with her personality. One hardly ever saw her without a smile on her face, or a kind word coming from her mouth. Some even said she had the grace of an elf, which drove Aragorn mad, with the thought of his own sister even remotely being compared to an elf. Aragorn loved his sister with all his heart, so much so that he would kill to protect from and evil.

Aragorn would never allow Gwenneth to travel outside the realm of Gondor. For that fact alone, made her very excited to be going to the Shire. She was so surprised that Aragorn was actually allowing her to go with him and his friends. She thought Gandalf was the most wonderful, and maybe the most crazy, man in the land to even suggest and arrange such a wonderful event. This gathering, served as a chance for her to get to see some of the far off lands that she always wanted to explore. She so hated not being able to leave Gondor. Deep inside of her heart she knew that Aragorn's intensions were out of love, and only wanted to keep her safe from the elves. She was not going to let her brothers smothering love destroy this one chance of see Middle Earth. She wanted to come to her own conclusions about the elves, not what her brother and his friends bore into her mind. Her brother treated her as if she was made of glass, but she was far from that. She, along with her friend Eowyn, who was a sister to Eomer, would secretly study the art of wielding a sword and knives. They were well prepared to defend themselves if the need arose.

The party from Gondor would be departing for The Shire at noon. There was such an excitement in the air. Gwenneth and Eowyn could hardly contain themselves as they gathered with Aragorn and his friends.

"Dear sister, I really don't know if you should be coming along," sighed Aragorn. "I know this is meant to be a peaceful gathering, but something tells me that something evil is going to happen."

Gwenneth snapped her head and stared into her brothers gray eyes. "Brother, as much as you want to think of me as a child, let me remind you that I am a grown women and I can protect myself" she snapped. Her eyes widened at the sudden outburst. 'How could that have come from her mouth,' she wondered. She felt strange. She had never talked back to her brother like that before. Strangely it felt good.

Her brother seemed to stumble a bit, when he heard her unlikely comeback. "Yes… maybe from an wild animal…or two…but not from an elf. They are very cunning and crafty, they will sweep you off you feet and then destroy you without you even knowing it, my dear sister," hissed Aragorn, as visions of a certain young blond wicked elf, came into his thoughts.

"Well how could I defend myself against one, when I have never even seen one?" yelled Gwenneth. Everyone look her in shock at her outburst. It was very rare to hear such things come out of her mouth. Her checks started to turn crimson red, when she finally noticed that everyone was staring at her.

Eomer, feeling the tension, cautiously approached Gwenneth. His gaze piercing into her haunting eyes and reached out to graze her rose colored check, with his calloused fingers. "There.. my Lady Gwenneth, Aragorn is only trying to protect you, and do what is best for your well being," he pleaded, as he reached down and brought her hand to his lips. He then proceeded to place a gentle kiss on the back of her hand, savoring her smooth skin.

Gwenneth was taken back at the actions of Eomer, and was paralyzed for a brief moment. She than came to her senses and willed herself to move. Pulling her hand away sharply, her eyes gave a darting glare between Eomer and Aragorn. "Well, my dear Eomer, Aragorn has to face the fact that I AM my own women, and I will decide what is good or not good for me, not him." She spat sharply. Oh how she was enjoying this newfound courage to defend herself.

Aragorn shock his head in disgust and turned to Boromir and Faramir, who stood silently behind him. "Let us prepare to leave them," he commanded. "Ladies we have a two day ride in front of us, and if this continues we will miss the opening massacred ball," he hissed at Gwenneth and Eowyn.

The young Princess quickly turned away from Eomer and walked over to her horse, and with the help of a stable boy, she pulled herself up to mount her mare. Eowyn guided her horse to stand next to her friend and gave her an evil stare.

Gwenneth chuckled to herself. "What?" she inquired. "Why do I receive such a look from you, my best friend? I thought you were on my side?"

Eowyn sighed. "I am, but….you were very rough on them, just now. Acting like that will only make them so much more protective of you, you have to learn to relax and show them that you don't need their constant protecting. Actions really do speak louder than words." Eowyn glanced at the men as they climbed onto their horses. "I want this to be an adventure for the two of us, not a stress filled disaster. I have a feeling that this will be a trip to remember," she said, with a bright smile.

"You're right, my friend. I will try to hold my tongue. But just now, something came over me and it felt good to finally stand up for myself. It felt almost…liberating," she said expressing her feelings. I promise that I will try to hold my tongue for the rest of the trip. And I also promise you, that this will be a trip to remember.," chuckled Gwenneth. Quickly changing the subject Gwenneth nodded towards Eomer, who was ahead of them talking to Faramir. "I have a feeling that he is a bit smitten with me," she said shyly.

Eowyn rolled her eyes at that remark. "You never cease to amaze me. You are just now seeing that? He's has had feelings with you for sometime now."

Gwenneth looked at Eowyn confusingly. "Really? I never saw it before. I always thought of him, Faramir and Boramir as brothers and nothing more. I just never even thought to think, or see him as anything else. I thought he was just being nice. Still being your brother and all, I don't know if he is really my type," she said cautiously said, not wanting to hurt the other girl's feelings. " I need someone dark and mysterious, someone who….when I look upon them, my knees weaken, and my heart flutters. Ah but alas, I am but fooling myself, because a love like that, could not possibly exist," she said with a far off gaze in her eye.

Laughter erupted from Eowyn. "You are truly remarkable. Well I think that after this gathering, there will be a lot more men, other then Eomer, who will be falling at your feet. Once Middle Earth meets Gwenneth, Princess of Gondor, all will fall madly in love with you, my dear."

"Stop. I am far from which you speak," she denied, "And besides you do quite well in that area yourself." Which was true. Eowyn was breathtaking, with her flaxen blonde hair, blue eyes and skin as smooth as silk. "Eomer should take heed of how Aragorn is with me, and be as protective with you."

"Oh no," protested Eowyn. "I don't need someone smothering me like Aragorn does with you. Besides Eomer knows, that I will put him in his place, if he ever does decide to try and act like that."

Gwen laughed at Eowyn's remark. "You know….," she said nodding towards the men at the front of the group, "I think that Faramir has his eye on you."

"Ah," she sighed heavily. "If that is true, than I could die a happy women."

"No you could not. Not until you at least have one dance with him," said a laughing Gwenneth.

"Yes at least one dance," Eowyn replied.

As the company started to move out, the girls chatted amongst themselves, ignoring the nasty glares that they would occasionally receive from Aragorn, when their laughter got out of control.

As the day drew on, Gwenneth started to daydream of all the possibilities that lay in front of her on this trip. 'Could there be a chance for love?' she thought to herself. She than imagined the encounter that she described to her friend. "Oh how I do want my knees to go weak," she sighed to herself, as a smile crossed her lips. Then her thoughts wandered to Aragorn, she knew he meant well and she truly loved him for that, but she would show him that she was her own person, that could think for herself, weather he liked it or not. Yes this would definitely be a trip to remember
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