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Title: A-da? 1/5

Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@yahoo.com

Beta: Niroveka

Rating: G

Warning: Mention of character death, OOC for incase, and tissues are probably needed.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them to my own bunny.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: could one word save the king from falling completely to grief?

Note: Legolas – Greenleaf (his elvish name) is only a baby. A short vignette.


The king was outside, waiting impatiently in the hallway as he followed the words of the healer.

His wife was giving birth, and he did not know about the baby, as it was their first birth.

Though hearing the screaming of his wife repeating second after second almost made the king burst into the room to be with her, he did not know why the healer wanted otherwise.

The door was open and the healer appeared; Thranduil scanned his face with fear as he noticed the wet eyes and the stretched face, as the healer slowly bowed to him.

“What is it? Tell me!” Thranduil ordered, his heart not being able to hold it anymore; all the waiting and screaming made him more worried than he was before.

The healer raised his head, though he looked afraid of his king’ reaction, and said brokenly, “Your Highness…your wife… is dead… after giving birth, though your son is alive…”

“My wife… is dead?” Thranduil asked as tears burst into his eyes, though it seemed to the healer that his king did not hear him out.

The healer nodded in confirmation and added, “You have a son, my lord, and he is a beautiful as Mother Nature; go to him, be with him, Your Highness…”

“My wife is dead?” Thranduil repeated his question, it was disbelief to his own ears.

“Yes, Your Highness, your wife is dead…” the healer found himself repeating the words.

Thranduil’s head turned from side to side; his face seemed lost, and hurt.

‘No, please Valar, spare my wife’s life, bring her back to me. Please Valar, listen to my prayer…’ Thranduil prayed with heavy heart to the Valar, as he asked for his wife back.

“Let me see her…let me see my wife…” Thranduil demanded with a weak voice as the tears swelled inside his throat.

“You also have a son to take care of…” the healer reminded him, saddened also at the loss of the queen.

“I need to see her first…” Thranduil said, and left the healer alone in the hallway.

The healer joined his king in the healing room, as he held the crying baby in his arms and sang him a lullaby.

“Call Galdor in, now!” Thranduil ordered and let his eyes sink back over his dead wife that lay on the bed, the white blankets covering her.

The healer still held the baby in his arms as he left.


The news of the queen soon spread over the kingdom; the people cried over their queen and blessed the prince for the new life and faith that he might bring to his father.

Thranduil mourned for his wife; he never wanted to let go of her. He seemed to his guards and his people disconnected, lost, fragile, so much so that they feared losing their beloved king.

Galdor appeared in the room, his face was as wary as the healer's, as he stared
at his king.

“Take care of my…” Thranduil tried to say the word, but he could not.

“Of your son? Have you named him yet?” Galdor asked.

“N… no… I did not and I could not… my wife is dead… she is dead…” Thranduil answered in broken sobs; it seemed to them that his son was not important to him right now, as grief seemed to claim his body.

“I will take care of your son, Your Highness, and please, do not forget your son…” Galdor said quietly as he took the baby in his arms, and left the king with the healer.

The healer kept staring at the king, who let himself stroke the pale cheek of his wife, and kept praying for the Valar to bring back his wife.

The healer left the room as he ordered the servants to make sure that the king would eat and drink properly.

Three days and three nights passed by, but Thranduil could not bring himself to eat or sleep; he did not let the servants even to bring to food over him.

The healer opened the door, noticing his lord had grown paler, and his eyes were heavy; he guessed that his lord had not rested or eaten.

“My lord?” the healer called, and moved closer at him, as he moved his hands over the king’s shoulders.

“My lord?” he said again. When he heard no answer, he decided to act, and left the room, calling for assistance.

He found Galdor playing with the baby, with the guards watching the pretty sight of the baby, for it seemed that light shone from him.

The healer smiled, then remembered what he had come for, and asked for help.

“I need your help: I need three of us to prepare the grave for our Queen, and others to watch and guide our king after she is taken from the room, and one to watch the baby.” The healer explained, and watched the glances the group gave.

Soon the guards, led by the healer, walked into the room; they too noticed the king, and prayed they were not too late.

Galdor entered the room too, holding the baby, thinking that if his lord recognized him and gave him love, the king would feel better.

The guards buried the queen, and let their tears flow. They loved the queen for her good spirit, and felt her loss too.

The other guards who were left inside, settled their king in bed; two of them watched over the king as they brought a tray of food, to make certain that he ate.

Next to the bed, Galdor sat on the chair, still holding the baby as he playedwith him, his eyes moving from father to son. He was concerned, and hoped for the best.

End of Chapter 1.
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