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Summary: The weasley twins,georges girlfriend,her bf,and snape get stuck in middle earth during the battle of helms deep.
Rated: PG-13
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Challenges: Animal Transformations
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Published: Jan 26 2012 Updated: Feb 04 2012

1. Chapter 1 detention by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 0] (224 words)
George: we are so damn lucky this isn't with Umbrigde right?

Me: yeah sure...

Fred: wait detentions with that ugly hag?!

Kitty: oh hell no

Me: hay I'm winging this here

Snape: really do you wing it on your tests

Jennifer: you know I do. Joking Snape joking

Me: actually I sometimes have to so ha

Snape: just start this damn thing

Me: fine ass-whole... here's chapter 1 everyone

2. Chapter 2 Helms Deep??? What the... by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 1] (368 words)
Kitty: when do me and Snape get to be alone

Snape: soon love soon

Fred and George: get a room

Jennifer:*winks at George* how about you and me get a room George

Fred and me: yuck

Aragorn: they had better be married

Me: damn idiots told you I'm winging it chapter 2 guys

3. Chapter 3 battle by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 0] (265 words)
GaladriŽl: Glemir better not die

Me: Gal. I can't make any promises besides I have your life story figured out

GaladriŽl: Bado mibo orc-

Me: don't you dare finish that

Glemir: come sister twin let us go

Me:*rolling eyes* chapter 3

Snape: A load of shit

Me: SNAPE!!!!!

4. Chapter 4 What now? by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 1] (245 words)

Me: what so everyone left

Jennifer: sorry we were putting nifflers in its office again

Me: nice

Snape: Detention!

Fred: only if you can catch us *Fred and George run off with Snape at their heels*

Merry & Pippin: can we say it

Me: be my guest

Merry & Pippin: chapter 4

5. Chapter 5 trouble ahead by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 1] (458 words)
Me: trying to make this longer

Kitty: this time no more shit

GaladriŽl: yeah you murdered my twin

*fred george and jennifer*: ouch

Me: nothing to say Snape

Snape: I'm ruining potters test here

Gandalf: why

Snape: he got eighteen right and fifteen wrong

Me:*sighing* chapter five

6. Chapter 6 whothewhatnow? by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 1] (415 words)
Me: okay Jennifer the title is acording to you

Jennifer: fuck yeah... chapter hay george

George: gimlis fighting ron

Fred: its so funny cause surprisingly the one without magic is winning

Kitty: rons now sporting a bloody nose

GaladriŽl: gimli threw rons wand aside

Aragorn: gimli bashed him in the head with his helmet

Me: chapter six I gotta see this

7. Chapter 7 more to come by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 0] (616 words)
Me: Jennifer George what were you doing back there

George: discussing

Me: what exactly

Jennifer: chapter seven

8. Chapter 8 why now? by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 0] (367 words)
Umbridge: this must end its against the policy

Me: bitch its not

Umbridge: how dare you

Fred, George, Jennifer, and Kitty: oooo burn

Umbridge: I can make you write lines

Me: who me? Bitch please. Id rather write...

9. Chapter 9 What did you do by silvermoonwolf [Reviews - 1] (621 words)
Me: Do you think its too late fo rthe disclaimers?

Jennifer: You know what i always say... never too late

Kitty: when did you start saying that?

Jennifer:*starts arguing with Kitty*

Me: I own nothing but he plot and originals heres chapter 9