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Author's Chapter Notes:
George: we are so damn lucky this isn't with Umbrigde right?

Me: yeah sure...

Fred: wait detentions with that ugly hag?!

Kitty: oh hell no

Me: hay I'm winging this here

Snape: really do you wing it on your tests

Jennifer: you know I do. Joking Snape joking

Me: actually I sometimes have to so ha

Snape: just start this damn thing

Me: fine ass-whole... here's chapter 1 everyone
Snape had just told the weasley twins to scrape off gum and George's icey blue eye/haired girlfriend Jennifer Portkey to help Kitty Faeslight, a strawberry blonde with a purple eye and a grey eye clean the ink bottles. Kitty and Jennifer were already pissed at each-other.
"This is all your fucking fault Jennifer." Kitty growled
"Actually if I recall it was your poltergiest syndrome that got us here. Bloody damb idiot." Jennifer threw out.
The twins were at a safe distance chuckling. Then the two girls started dueling savagely. They were very advanced for seventh years, and the twins were in the same year and yet not as experienced.
Spells were going everywhere and it was turning ugly. Suddenly Snape came out.
"STOP IT NOW! Or Umbrigde will have me fired." Snape scowled. Jennifer sent one last spell whizzing past Snape's ear. "That's it Jennifer Portkey another week of dtention should do you good."
Jennifer huffed and her hair turned blood red.
"Jen, please go back to blue." George said.
"Wait where are we?" Fred asked. Finally everyone looked around. They were just outside of Helms Deep. They had no idea.
"This is all your fucking bloody fault!" Kitty snarled.
"Miss. Faeslight not now. We need to find out where we are." Snape demanded. And they all headed for the gates to Helms Deep.
Chapter End Notes:
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