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Summary: Elanor Bracegirdle has a respectable life, a respectable family- respectable everything. But she longs to escape her boring life and have adventures. And then one day- she persuades herself to leave the safety of the Shire and brave the world beyond...
Rated: G
Categories: Book-verse, Off Topic Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Diamond Took, Eomer, Legolas, Original Character, Pippin
Genres: Friendship, Romance
Warnings: Violence
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Chapters: 11 Completed: Yes
Word count: 17237 Read: 11484
Published: Jan 03 2012 Updated: Mar 18 2012

1. "I Really Am Going Now; Good-Bye." by Elbereth [Reviews - 6] (1573 words)

2. "So, You Want to Go to Rivendell?" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1345 words)

3. "Are You....You Can't Be...Elves?" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1648 words)

4. "Welcome to Rivendell." by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1644 words)

5. "You Sound Like an Unfortunate Man." by Elbereth [Reviews - 1] (1278 words)
Discussions with Aran Findulstur, a broken man, regarding rain, lyrics and the Gap of Rohan. Oh, and eating apples.

6. "In The Name of Varda; Who Are You?!" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1958 words)
Elanor learns how to use a dagger, and begins to have some doubts about her curious companion...

7. "Can We Get Mushrooms Anywhere Near Here?" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1408 words)
Elanor's mood decreases rapidly as she discovers Aran's true identity, moans at the weather and at the lack of mushrooms in the local area.

8. "I'm Not a Hobbit! I'm a...Man!" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1801 words)
Elanor is introduced to the King of Rohan, and finds herself exchanging pleasantries and stories with the same.

9. "You Are a Coward Aran; and I'm Ashamed." by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1518 words)
Aran and Elanor travel along the Eastfold, and Aran begins to come to terms with something he'd never thought he'd have to come to terms with. Two things...

10. "Can I See The King Then Please?" by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1444 words)
Elanor and Aran reach Minas Tirith, and find themselves keeping company with King Elessar...

11. "As He Loves His Own Eyes." by Elbereth [Reviews - 0] (1620 words)
And with this chapter, comes the end of Elanor's story.