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Story Notes:
It MIGHT be more than 10 ways, so I might write more chapters. But I dunno^^
Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope my English are not too bad^^
1. Yell "SMURF!" in Aragorns face and run away without any explanation.

2. Ask Legolas why
he insn't working at Nikita Hair (Buy a straightener, get ears, bow and arrows!). Don't explain what Nikita Hair is.

3. Say "Nice hat, is it new?" to Gandlaf, when he's white and don't wear any hat.

4. Ask Sam if he forgot the micro at home. Don't explain what a micro is.

5. Follow Frodo a whole day and sing "Frodo of the nine fingers".

6. Ask Gimli if he has asked Galadriel to go to the movies with him yet.

7. Follow Merry and Pippin and sing "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard".

8. When Boromir blow his horn, come running and scream that you heard a wild cow in the forest.

9. Ask "Are we there yet?" all the way from Rivendell to Lothlorien.

10. When you're in Moria, run around and sing "Feliz Navidad" as loud as you can.
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