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Elijah whistled in admiration, "That really is something..." He trailed off gazing up at the towering, uneven wall above him. "Weird to think people lived here once isn't it Orli?" When his friend didn't reply Elijah spun, and rolled his eyes as he spotted Orlando over by a food stall. He walked over to join him, giving him a playful punch on the arm when he caught him up, "Hey I just looked a right idiot talking to myself there! Do you really find this place so boring?" Orlando grinned and didn't bother to hide his true feelings with his close friend, "Yeah."

Elijah shook his head smiling, "Some people! Can't culture them even when you shove the culture into their face!" Orlando finished his veggie burger and tossed the wrapper in the bin, "Actually 'some people' grew up in a place with culture all around them until they were sixteen. Canterbury isn't exactly the most exciting place for a young kid ya know. Culture everywhere. Castles and stuff don't really fascinate me so much anymore. Maybe it's because you guys don't have stuff like this back where you are that you appreciate it that little bit more?" Elijah didn't reply, pondering this statement before his train of thought was interrupted once more, "Did you see where Billy and Dom went?"

"Nah, they ran off somewhere when we first came in...what is it with you British people? Why aren't you in awe of this stuff too?" Orlando laughed and patted Elijah on the back, "Probably because we all grew up too close to it...and like our great great great ancestors built it all anyway." Elijah jabbed a finger at his friend, "Exactly! That should make it even more appealing! Just think your great great whatever carefully laying each stone into place...and here it still stands today..." He trailed off again, his eyes wandering over the tower, then the drawbridge and finally back down to the sundial. "It's so.."


"Beautiful!" Robin gripped her friend's arm in glee as she used her free arm to indicate the castle wall in front of them. "Just think, a few hundred years ago and this place would have been busy with medieval routine! And now look! Tourists swarming the place...it's crazy!" Megan laughed at her best friend's antics, "True.." She fidgeted uncomfortably, "Erm, Robin can we at least go and sit down now? We've been walking around all day! I mean it's great it really is," she hurriedly fumbled over her words, careful not to hurt her friend's feelings, "But please? My feet need a rest! And I think it's about time we found Nicole and Sarah." Robin grinned, "You're right, sorry I do get terribly carried away!"

"Stop talking so proper! That's not like you!" Megan pushed her friend playfully and led her to the nearest unoccupied bench. "Yeah I know," Robin nodded, "It's just being around this place makes me sink back to hundreds of years ago. You know how much I wish I'd been born back then!"

"Yes! And I still think you crazy for it!" Megan laughed, "Honestly Robin, no proper medical care, no luxuries, no fast transport. However would you survive?" Robin looked opposite them at the clock tower, "Just perfectly! Oh god if only.."


"-I could have lived back then!" Elijah voiced his thoughts aloud. Billy and Dom had eventually joined them and studied Elijah in the same light as Orlando first had. Dom rolled his eyes, "Careful what you wish for mate!" Billy laughed, "I think it's high time we took this culture vulture home!" Elijah grinned, "But I am home!" Orlando rolled his eyes, "He's lost it. Hey 'lij if you did live back then, what about us? You'd lose all your friends if you time hopped back a few centuries or so..."

"Well of course I'd want my friends with me!" Elijah exclaimed. "Then doubly be careful what you wish for!" Dom interjected, "You're not getting me no where near no castle in medieval times." He pulled a face. Elijah laughed, "Still it would be an experience wouldn't it?" Orlando nodded, "Yeah but you can pay for that sorta thing now, come on let's get a move on!"

"Paying for it isn't as authentic, you'd need to live it!" Elijah sighed, "Maybe in a different life time...."


"I think I'm going to build a time machine!" Robin joked. Nicole looked at her, "You just do that deary. I sure as hell ain't going in it!" Robin laughed, "Why ever not? Living in this place would have been magnificent! Can you just imagine the parties they would have?"

"She really has gone off her rocker!" Sarah rolled her eyes, "Since when did you say stuff like 'why ever not'? Crazy I tell you! I think it's time we got you out of here before you start wishing upon the wrong bloody star!" They all laughed and stood, brushing down their clothes after their rather hasty meal of burgers and chips. As they headed towards the exit Robin turned back to gaze up at the menacing clock, and the fairytale-like steeple of the clocktower. "If only..." She breathed.


"Wait guys I just wanna take one more picture!" Elijah rushed back to the clock tower and aimed his camera. He zoomed in slightly to capture merely the steeple and the clock itself. Lowering his camera after two shots, hoping to high heaven they came out alright, he sighed, "If only!"
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