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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey guys, this is my first story, so don't be too hard on me….just kidding, constructive criticism is welcome! I am in love with Lord of the Rings and I decided to play with the idea of Merry and Pippin actually going to Isengard instead of being saved by the men of Rohan. As this story progresses it will get a lot messier and I might hint at rape, so if this isn't something you can handle, please don't read.

Disclaimer: I don't own Lord of the Rings, (books or movies)…though I wish I did. All of this belongs completely to John Ronald Reuel Tolkien expect for the plot and my character AmariŰ.
Merry's P.O.V.

"Merry" Pippin whispered urgently. "Hold on"

I smiled as sincerely as I could manage. I was injured, badly. A blow to the head had been the worst of many injuries, and because of it I had to fight to remain conscious. A necessity. I had to take care of Pippin. I was the strong one…not only that, but I had to be alert in case the chance for escape was presented to us.

"I'll be alright Pip." I promised my frightened cousin. "We'll find a way out of this, I swear"

The two of us were then distracted from our conversation by a commotion behind us.

"What are you scum doing with that?" Ugl˙k, the leader of the Uruk-Hai who captured us spat, his hideous face contorting with rage directed at an Uruk-Hai holding a girl. "You were ordered to kill all but the hobbits."

"She is not one of the Nine" The Uruk countered. "Saruman ordered me and my maggots to find and bring this girl to him"

"And he sent YOU Mauh˙r? Doubtful"Berated Ugl˙k.

I expected this argument to turn violent like the others that Pippin and I had observed, not that either of us minded. I still held on to the false hope that they would all just kill each other off before we reached Isengard. Once we were there, I knew any hope of escape would be destroyed. I was wrong though, Mauh˙r was smarter than he looked and decided to defuse the battle before it began.

He quickly spoke up. "Do you dare let the girl go?" He asked. "Your pride may get you into dangerous waters, friend."

"Put her wit the other prisoners" Ugl˙k ordered, obviously annoyed. The girl was tossed next to us and minutes later Ugl˙k snapped Mauh˙r's neck.

"Dinners ready boys" He shouted and the entire group ran at the chance to consume their fallen comrade. The girl stared at the scene looking disgusted, but not surprised. She crawled closer to Pippin, obviously sensing that we would be no danger to her.

She was beautiful. It amazed me to see something like her in such an awful, ugly place. She was obviously of the race of Men. Her blonde hair was dinged by dirt, knotted up and messy. Pieces of hair fell in front of her face, nearly hiding her piercing green eyes, which were staring intently at Pippin and I. Calculating. After a few moments she smiled softly.

"It's good to see some friendly faces here" She whispered her voice rough from misuse…or maybe overuse. I couldn't tell. "My name is AmariŰ. Who are you?" (Authors note: The name is pronounced Ah-Marie incase anyone cares) The Uruk-Hai around us were too busy trying to get a piece of their fallen comrade to take notice of our hushed conversation.

"I am Meriadoc Brandybuck of the Shire, and this is Peregrin Took." I told her.

"Merry and Pippin" Pip chimed in.

"Why are you here My Lady?" I asked her.

"I am the daughter of Theodrin, King of Rohan. I'm guessing that I'm being used as some sort of political pawn….not that it will do much good." She confided. I was taken aback by her causal tone. It was like she was completely unfazed by the situation at hand. "What does he want from the two of you?" She asked us.

"He wants the rin….."

"Something we don't have….he want's something we cannot give him" I interrupted Pippin before he could get us in more trouble than we already were. "Begging your pardon Miss, but we can't really say"

AmariŰ opened her mouth to reply, but before she could one of the Uruk-Hai came up to our small group wielding a whip.

"Playtime is over" He chuckled stupidly, apparently thinking his remark was witty or cleaver. He gave each of us a quick thrashing before two others joined him, picking us up. From then on our silent journey didn't stop until we reached Isengard. The sun was setting as we reached our destination, something I would have taken time to admire in any other circumstance. The sky was blood red, with flecks of pink and orange. But I was too terrified to truly take in anything. We had arrived in hell.

I looked around, thinking Saruman might be waiting for us and what I saw horrified me. The trees of Fangorn Forrest were being cut and burned down.

Ugl˙k left the rest of our group and entered the tower in front of us. I waited in horror, looking to Pippin. He looked just as frightened as I felt. His fear was almost palpable. I then looked to AmariŰ. She looked pensive, but not hopeless like my companion and I.

Just minutes after he had left, Ugl˙k returned to the Uruk-Hai that had remained to keep watch over the three of us. "Take them to the lowest dungeon" He ordered. "We will come back for them in the morning" With that, we were drug roughly down many flights of spiral staircases and thrown into a room. The moment the door shut, it was pitch black.

"Merry?" I heard Pippin ask fearfully.

"Yeah Pippin?" I asked, crawling closer to him, using his voice to get my bearings.

"How are we going to get out of here?

"I dunno Pip" I admitted. "We'll have to play this one by ear….but above all, we have to help our friends. We can't say anything. No matter how they torture us"

Pippin audibly sighed before speaking again. "AmariŰ?"


"Any ideas?"

"None" She confessed.


It was going to be a long night.
Chapter End Notes:
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