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Story Notes:
This is a sample! Let me know if i should continue it
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is Just a sample. Rate and comment if i should continue it!
I've been a black belt in jui-jitsu for the past two years, and I'm fresh into my first three months of traditional fencing, but nothing...and I mean nothing could prepare me for what I was about to live through.

Being seventeen, life is pretty easy. Go to school, do your homework, then the rest of the night is yours. Weekends, its hit up the mall, go to the movies, chill with friends; all that good stuff, you know? So when my friend Zack, who I met in Jui-Jitsu six years ago when I just started came over, I thought “Another same-old same-old weekend.” But damn if I wasn't wrong.

I was a fan of the Lord of the Rings series. I mean I read the books, saw the movies, wanted to cut Golem's head off for biting Frodo's finger off, the expected. But Zack...man that kid is an enthusiast! I swear! He's literally obsessed! He's got the whole replica set of the swords the characters used...he's got all the rings...it's a little unbearable. Up until last weekend, I hadn't minded to much that every weekend Zack came over, we had to watch the whole series, starting with the Fellowship, but as the movie progressed, we began reciting the scenes, or acting out the action parts. I especially like acting out when the crew gets stuck in the tomb in Moria. That huge ass troll is fun to act out.

As we mourned Gandalf's death with the rest of the fellowship, things began to get a little weird. As Aragorn tried to get the group moving again, I swear, it was like Boromir was standing two feet in front of us when he responded. “Give them a moment! For pity sake!” I swear I jumped. Zack glared at the spot of the room where I heard his voice from, and then looked straight at me. “Dude...did you see that?” he asked, an awestruck, dumbfounded look in his eyes. “See what?” I replied, watching Zack for his response. It took him a moment, but he just shook it off. “Nothing. Never mind.”

The weird happenings continued. There was a big bang in the kitchen when Boromir tripped Frodo, and then this weird, half garbled crying noise in the dining room as he cried over his mistake, pleading for forgiveness, but we shook it off as best we could, finally getting to the best part of the movie. It was the last big fight scene. Boromir had just been shot and we were acting out the parts. Zack was Boromir, and I was Aragorn, slicing my way through to my fallen comrade. As I made a sweeping gesture with one of my dad's prized short sword collectibles from the 1400's, there was a bright blue flash just as Boromir was hit for a second time. I tried to look at Zack to get his attention, but he seemed frozen, eyes locked on this invisible force standing in his path. He raised his arms, as if to shield an imaginary blow, but there was another blue flash. This time so bright, that I clamped my eyes shut covering my face with my free hand.

When I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe them. Zack was laying on the ground, eyes locked on a tall, dark haired man, with an arrow sicking out of him, whose sword had caught the blade of one of the most hideous creatures I have ever seen; a fierce, pissed off goblin.
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