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Title: What Did You Do?
Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@yahoo.com
Beta: Pam
Summary: Legolas questions his lover as the smell of blood is still in the air.
Disclaimer: The bunnies are mine. The characters are not.
Rate: NC-17
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Warning (for this part): Angst, mild violence. Blood play.
A/N: Was written for Daily Prompts Group, and daily drabbles – lotrallslash group.

#161: Blood (30/09/2007)

“And now, I have you for my lifetime, beloved.” Aragorn said as he kissed the elf again.

“Love, what did you do?” Legolas asked.

“I killed the one that ruined our relationship, love.” Aragorn confessed. He hoped that the elf would not do anything regrettable.

Legolas closed his eyes before he spoke, "You should not have done that, my sweet."

"Why not?" Aragorn asked him, while he took his dagger from the shelf. "Do you not love me?"

"I do, Valar help me, I do love you," Legolas replied to him. "The twins will ask of her, and what will you tell them?"

"That… I will think of something; do not worry about me, my love." Aragorn assured him and kissed him.

"You will lie to them," Legolas sighed and turned his head away from his lover before facing him. "Do you not get it? They will watch your face. They know you. They can tell when you lie."

"I know that, but you need to trust me." Aragorn replied.

"I do trust you, but I also fear for you." Legolas kissed him.

"I can still smell the blood, her blood on you." Legolas told him.

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