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Warnings: they're in mirkwood. not a traditional canon story.
Disclaimer: i dont own any of the characters

~A Burden and a Blessing~

The constant drum of the waterfall has nearly numbed my hearing as I stood gazing out across the enticing pool of crystal clear water. I was awed at the beauty that surrounded me; who knew that within the depths of a dark forest, a place as breathtaking and bright as this could exist? I slowly began to remove my confining clothing as I silently wished that I could live here for eternity. This enchanted area, one that was secluded yet inviting; a place I never knew to be real has captivated me more than I thought possible. This was something I would cherish; most of my kin, men, would have robbed this land of its natural elements and left the land barren… but elves…elves saw this land for its beauty and potential; they would let the land thrive in its true and undisturbed state.

Sighing, I slowly descended into the crystal clear water, causing ripples to caress the moons reflection. Walking in deeper, I relished in the sensation that courses through my body. The contrast of my warm skin to the cool water sent delicious shivers up and down my spine. Being here, I could almost compare to being in a lover’s embrace, I felt safe and protected, but, there was a sense of falsehood in that statement... I have never been in a lover’s embrace. Silence envelops me and I welcome the relaxed muscles that finally gave up on their attempts to stay tense.

I ducked under then resurfaced and slowly opened my eyes, my vision now filled with the figure perched at the waters edge, the divine shape that I would grow to love. The divine shape that will make me forget the life I could not live with a man I could not have.

“A burden and a blessing you are.” I whisper to myself.

Climbing out of the water I face the charismatic being that would ease my loneliness. Flaxen hair, chiseled features and sapphire eyes that were filled with wisdom and knowing. Though this Prince before me is more than I could have asked for, he is not the one I yearned for. A certain king has my stolen my heart, but one day, one day I may have the courage to take it back and give it to this elf.

I learned long ago that dwelling on the past brings only bitterness and sadness, but it seems that the past will not cease to haunt me. If I am to survive, I must live for the future, but, that will be a hard thing to do…especially for me; albeit, maybe…maybe this Prince before me could be my future and a reason to live…just maybe.

As I held his gaze, I found I was right; the stone wall that I had so carefully built around the hollowness that was my heart began to crumble slowly and the empty space where my heart used to be was beginning to fill up little by little. I could feel compassion radiating from this elf and it brought tears to my eyes…why me? Why is it I that he cares for and not someone that is of his own kin? I am not worthy of him…he is a prince…and I…I am nothing.

A gentle breeze swept across my body and ruffled my hair, its caress having no affect on me. I only stood there and found that my flesh was heating in his presence.

‘How is this possible? My heart is for one man and one man alone.’ I thought.

But he is no man…he is an elf.

My eyes widened at the realization… my body was reacting to someone other than Aragorn, and I was allowing it. This Prince has rekindled a fire I assumed had died years ago. I broke our gaze and looked down, a blush crawling to my cheeks. I turned around and walked back to the edge of the pool and got out. With my head still down, I started to walk back to where my clothing still lay in a disheveled heap. I bent down to pick them up when I felt a hand cup my chin and force my head up, thus causing me to stand up straight.

I stood in front of him, my eyes still downcast. I was afraid that if he looked into my eyes, he would see my soul and the emptiness that it carried. I couldn’t allow him to see that for I knew that he would pity me and I did not want pity.

But, as he lifted my chin even more, I could not help but look into his eyes… I saw no pity in them. Instead I saw a warmth that I cannot describe, but I also saw something else…

Love, I saw love.

My eyes filled with tears again and he smiled. Closing the distance between us, he caressed my cheek then kissed the soft flesh behind my ear; the action sending chills up my spine. My wall was gone and my heart was back…but it was lost to him in almost an instant. For the first time in many long years, I allowed myself to live…I allowed myself to love.

The feel of his hands, his lips, just the feel of him was overwhelming my every sense. The thought that he was out of my league fled far from my mind. At that point in time, I was willing to give anything to stay in this moment forever. An impossible wish it was, but a genuine wish nonetheless.

I was so caught up in my own thoughts, that I did not realize he had rid himself of his own clothing. I looked into his eyes and was mesmerized; I was looking into the eyes that harbored a love and desire beyond the reaches of a human…one that only an elf could attain. Then I smiled, I smile my first true smile since the war of the One Ring. How could I have been so blind? This is the person I have always dreamed of; he is elegant and beautiful, inside and out, he is charming and gentlemanly…why did I not realize this sooner? I mentally shook my head then refocused my attentions the angel before me; his ethereal glow dazed me.

This was going to be a night to remember.

As he made love to me I grasped every moment of pleasure, as if my life depended on it. I took each moment and stored them in both my memory and heart. Oh, how this elf evoked the love that had once abandoned my heart.

“Thank you.” I whispered.

A life with Legolas doesn’t seem like such a burden after all.

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