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Title: Strange Noises
Type: FPS
Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@yahoo.com
Beta: Pam
Pairing: Haldir/Aragorn
Rate: NC-17 overall
Disclaimer: Not mine, but the plot.
Warning: Establish couple, AU.

Summary: Prince Legolas came to visit Aragorn, and he is getting a surprise.

A/N: Written for "5_sense" community at LJ – List one, Prompt #2: Sound


Prince Legolas finally came to Imladris surrounded by his loyal guards.

Elladan and Elrohir could not at first see whom the guards were guarding until they separated.

"Prince Legolas, how nice to see you here," Elladan spoke and clapped his hand on the princes' shoulder, once Legolas dismounted from his horse. "We missed you."

"I missed you too, my friends," Legolas replied as he also clapped his hands on the twins' shoulders, and then added, "It has indeed been awhile since I visited here."

He looked around for someone, and when he did not see him, he turned to ask, "Where is your brother?"

"He is around; I believe that you will see him." Elrohir replied.

"You and your guards may rest after the long journey that you have had, and we will see you much later…" Elladan advised him.

"I will do that." Legolas thanked them.



Legolas wandered around Imladris, looking for his best friend, but did not come across him or see him for awhile. Then he started wondering if Aragorn was even in his homeland; or maybe the twins were just taunting him.

Then he heard some odd noises as he walked by the river; he could even hear Aragorn's voice.

When he came closer, he could hear moans and cries for more; and even Aragorn calling for Haldir.

He truly believed that something was wrong and the two were in danger.
Legolas removed his sword from the sheath, ready to attack.

To his surprise he saw them under the leaves of the tree, near to the river stream, naked and snuggling together.

"What in the name of Valar are you two doing?" Legolas asked, as he still could hear them making those noises; stranger noises than he had ever heard.

"Is it not obvious?" Aragorn asked as he felt the waves of pleasure building up in his body.
"I am going to kill the twins." Legolas said and left the two of them alone.

'He is around, they said. Oh Valar, I will make the twins pay for this. At least they could have told me.' Legolas thought.
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