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Story Notes:

I adopted this story from Christy Daae, my co-author of the original A Witch in Middle-earth in FanFiction.Net. She offered me to continue her work, since she could not do it herself. Well, I am not a good updater… but I will try my best.


The plotline and most events will be the same as her version of the story. I will just tidy things up a bit along the way until I reach the end of her current work. From now on I will use UK English, though, (whereas she used US English) because I am most comfortable with it, so please bear with me. The story will also be dominated by the book version, because I only know snippets of the film one, having seldom ‘watched’ it myself and being a blind – thus not knowing the details. (She had much of the films in her version.) I hope you do not mind it also.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The timeline of this particular chapter is just after the Deathly Hallows, when the remaining Order of the Phoenix were routing out the last of the Death Eaters. (The original author said so herself, when I confirmed it to her.) Ron, Harry and Hermione as well as the surviving students of Hogwarts from the Last Battle were involved. I have seen to some adjustments to the chapter accordingly.



So, enjoy!



The noise is deafening as a jet of green-coloured magic wizzes past my head, missing it only by mere inches. I mutter a curse to fling at the general direction of the lethal beam, then quickly throw myself over a headstone to hide behind it.


“Bloody hell – Hermione, Be careful!” a familiar voice whispers aloud over the sounds of things blasted by stray spells and words for the spells themselves. I yeep and turn to my side just in time to receive Ron’s full glare.


The headstone we are hiding behind suddenly explodes. I yank Ron out of the way as Death Eaters swarm closer. We run away over the uneven ground of the semetry of Little Hangleton, trying to find a safe place to launch our own attacks from.


But I suddenly topple over, tripping a chunk of debris. Ron comes down with me, since we still link hands. Our faces turn a shade of red not unlike Ron’s hair as we realise how we have fallen. As it is, we are both in a compromising position, with Ron lying heavily on top of me. We stare at each other for a moment, forgetting the battle going on around us and the Death Eaters pursuing us.


“Hey you two, go on!” Harry shouts from behind another headstone a few feet away, dazzling the eyes of the approaching Death Eaters with a jet of amplified white sparks from his wand. His frantic shout shakes us from our stupor. Ron quickly jumps to his feet and offers a hand to help me up, just as the remnant of the Order of the Phoenix run past us to confront the Death Eaters.


“Look out!” I hear Harry shout a moment before I am blinded by a flash of green light. My sight returns quickly, but I find myself wishing it had not.


The warning has come too late.


I watch in horror as Ron’s eyes widen in surprise, a gasp escaping his lips.


As if in slow motion, he mouths my name, then collapses to his knees and falls backwards, dead before he hits the ground. I just stand there, paralysed with shock. Then, when the situation sinks in my mind, a blood-curdling scream I have hardly thought I could produce tears wildly from my lips. I kneel next to Ron’s lifeless body and take it in my arms. I no longer care about the battle, or if I an now an easy target for the Death Eaters to shoot at.


It is unbelieveable that Ron is dead. He had always been there for me and Harry. And despite his behaviour oftentimes, he had captured my heart – since a long time ago.


Anger wells up inside me, accompanied by hatred to the Death Eater that has killed my boyfriend. I stand up and race forward to meet the fight head on.


“Hermione – Wait!” Harry pleads, grabbing me by the shoulders. His voice is dead, hollow, and I jerk to a stop – briefly. I have forgotten how he had tried to warn us, and how it did not save Ron. What must he be thinking now? Is he wishing the same thing as I am, that he could join Ron soon in death?


But, on the thought of Ron’s death, my earlier determination returns, and I dislodge his hands from my shoulders.


“Harry, one of them killed Ron! KILLED him!” I hiss, then continue to run before he could stop me again. The Death Eaters are going to pay even if it is the last thing I do in my life.


“Hermione – Come back!” I hear someone yell. “It’s too dangerous!” I do not care. I launch myself at the first Death Eater I meet like a wild cat, forgetting my wand in the haze of vengeance clouding my mind. I grab the person by the sleeve of his black robe and we topple to the ground, clawing and punching each other. We lose our wands as we fight. The Death Eater practically growls as he struggles to free himself from my grasp, probably ashamed of being bested by a girl in a physical fight.


We both notice his wand nearby, nearly at the same time, and a vicious scrabble to get to it first ensues. The fighting around us intensifies as ours did.


In the end, I manage to throw the man off of me, using all my might, and grab his wand. He lunges at me as I rise to my feet, the wand pointed at its owner.


There is enough hatred and malice in me towards him to fuel what I am about to do. I do not hesitate.


“Avada Kedavra!” I shout. His body crumbles to the ground… like Ron’s did. I laugh histerically, although in a weakened voice. One down. More to go, preferably also in the same way Ron has died.

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