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He looked down from his hiding spot in the tree, arrow ready to be fired. the orcs that were passing through had no right to be there, or any where for that matter, but he was alone and couldn't easily take out the 37 orcs that had just passed under him alone. He silently slipped from tree to tree, following them as they marched unevenly through the forest. When they stopped for a rest, he watched them, every now and then drawing his arrow back, as if going to shoot one, before gently releasing his string and going back into his motionless stance. He sensed another presence behind him and looked around.
"There are about 20 of us. We should be able to take them all out quite easily." the other elf told him quietly. "They await my signal."

The leader of the orcs looked around uneasily. He felt uncomfortably like he was being watched. He spotted a bit of movement and immediatly called his warriors to arms. They stood ready to fight, but nothing came. No movement, no sound, just silence. Not even the birds were singing. The air was still, and it seemed as if time was stopped.

On signal from their leader, two elves fired arrows at the lead orc. He died instantly, and his followers were knew that they would be next. They drew their swords and bows, and when the elves came into the clearing, they were prepared to fight to the last.

The elves did come, swiftly, and silently, and in the battle that covered all of ten minutes, 37 orcs lay dead, and 3 elves were injured. The elven patrol leader looked at the lone elf that had been following the orcs. He was helping with the wounded. Why had he been alone. The elf stood up as if noticing the eyes on his head and said;
"We should get them to a healer before the poison in these wounds spreads too far."
The lead elf looked at the elf in supprise, for he reconized him, and then said "Yes my lord, that we should."

On the way to the villidge, the commander asked the loner, "Why were you out all alone? were you looking for trouble?"

The elf smirked, saying, "I don't look for trouble, trouble looks for me. And by the looks of things, it usually finds me too!"
That got a laugh from all the elves in the patrol as they walked along.
"I remember a time when I was just sitting there and..." the elf went on to tell several stories of that kind. The patrol leader shook his head and thought to himself, 'yes. trouble does seem to find you, but so do friends, Prince Legolas."
Chapter End Notes:
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