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Story Notes:
A double drabble - please read and leave a review!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry about the dates, don't know when hobbits have their Yule, so I just went with the obvious 25th of December!
Merry awoke shortly before dawn to a loud banging on his front door. Groggily, he slowly pulled himself from his comfortable bed, and dragged himself through the house to the oh-so-early, unsoundly banging.

He wrenched the door back and put on his best glare, just to see his best friend, and little cousin Pippin.

“Pip, why did you have to come at THIS unearthly hour?” Merry groaned.

Pippin just shrugged and barged his way inside, shoving a small box at Merry as he passed. “Open this while we get the house ready, Sam and Rosie are coming over later to start the cooking, we are supposed to get the house decorated.”

Merry shot Pippin a shocked look. “What’s the date today?”

“The twenty-fifth, why else would we be having a party?” Pippin rolled his eyes, “Don’t tell me that you forgot.”

Merry had, and he opened the box to find a short silver plate with his name on it.

“For your saddle,” Pippin explained. “I know that you have been wanting one for a while.”

Merry smiled, he could not believe that he would forget Yule, but thanks to Pippin, he would never forget again. “This is going to be a very happy Yule Pip!”
Chapter End Notes:
There, had to edit a bit, hope it still turned out all right, thanks!
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