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Author's Chapter Notes:
If you do not want to read how Alatariel and Orlando ot there, skip to the second chapter.
Alatariel Mithrandir was a brown-eyed, curly, long brown-haired half elf who had recently had an adventure in Alkadon with Ethlyria, Orlando, Viggo, Miranda, Ben and Eowyn. She was very pale and often would think about traveling to another world, because she found it interesting. She always knew who to go to when traveling to worlds - Ethlyria!
Alatariel and Orlando sat next to each other next to the door, early in the morning, waiting for Ethlyria.

They sat for six hours before tehy starting yawning.

"I'm going to bed," they said in unision before the doorbell rang. They looked at each other, then jumped towards the door, and litterally ripped it off.

Ethlyria, blue eyed and golden haired, stood before them. "Why did you... rip your door off the wall?" she asked them.
"Uhhh. we were waiting for you a long time, which doesn't usually happen," said Alatariel, staring at what used to be a door on the ground.
"Um... right. Now, come on! And do not fear, the portal in just in your front yard. Well, come on! Are you not coming?"
Alatariel and Orlando's jaws fell open.
"... Hello? Must I tease you to wake up? Umm... neener neener neener, you... ripped off your wall!"
"Okay, okay," said Alatariel. "But, we waiting for you for nearly seven hours and it's jsut... right in front of us..."
"Aye, but it needs me to stroke it to open up. Now, hurry, it shall be gone in 45 seconds."
Orlando and ALatariel jumped into their fron yard and stood in front of a hole.
Ethlyria stroked it. The hole turn orange- and Alatariel and Orlando fell in, yelling random things like 'chocolate candy bars' as they went.
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