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Summary: Love blossoms under the growing shadow and a girl has to choose between a Thane's third son and the King's first... It doesn't help that everyone believes her to be a married woman and pregnant to boot. As a great poet once said: "The course of true love never did run smooth." Northern Kingdom Writers present a RPG-based story set in Rhudaur in 1347-1348 Third Age.
Rated: PG-13
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Genres: Drama
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Published: Oct 15 2009 Updated: Feb 15 2010
Story Notes:
For disclaimer and story notes see Part I

1. Chapter 1. Prince Charming by NKW [Reviews - 10] (3819 words)

2. Chapter 2. The Wild Ride by NKW [Reviews - 0] (2713 words)

3. Chapter 3. An apple for the teacher! by NKW [Reviews - 0] (2208 words)

4. Chapter 4. Those Stubborn Redheads! by NKW [Reviews - 0] (2477 words)