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Story Notes:
Extreamly AU: nulled most of Sam and Rosie's children all except for three, Elanor, Goldilocks, and Hamfast. All the others are either not part of the story or not born yet. I have also nulled Merry and Pippin's wives for mere convience, thus nulling their children as well. Also, simply because I wanted them in the story, neither Frodo nor Gandalf went over to the white shores, where as Bilbo did.
The tiny room was dark, with dancing shadows on all the walls. He turned around, looking for a escape, any sort of escape from this horrible place! Then, something detached itself from the shadows and moved forward slowly, so slowly that he had a chance to get a nice look at the blade that it held out, pointed right at his chest.

“Time to die Halfling!” it screeched right before it dove forward, plunging the sharp end of the blade into his chest.


Pippin awoke screaming, terrified from the horrible images he had seen in the dream. Merry, who was living with Pippin for the time, came running down the hall, awoken by his younger cousin’s scream.

“What’s the matter Pippin?” he asked, coming to kneel next to his bed, but all Pippin could do was shake his head with a terrified look on his face, for no words could describe his dream.
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