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Story Notes:
I hope that you like it!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Here it is! (It really is 100 words!)
No matter where I am, you are always there with me.
When I am sick, you stay beside my bed and make sure I get better.
If I fall down, you help me up and tell me it will be alright.
If I am sad and cry, you are there to comfort me, tell me everything is right.

But then I helped you, after all those years of you helping me.
You fell in battle, and I came to look for you, even after darkness fell.
I promised to take care of you, as you would have done for me.
Chapter End Notes:
I hope that you liked it. It is about Merry and Pippin, and it is written in Pippin's point of view if you didn't figure that out yet!

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