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Story Notes:
I am a HUGE fan of Legolas and a lot of girls say he should have a girlfriend, so that is what I'm doing. I sorta modeled her after myself, but she is perfect for Leggy.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I am not claiming that J.R.R. Tolkein wrote any of this except what is in the books, i.e., the characters, their personalities, ect. I only wrote this for my fellow Legolas fans who believed he should have a girlfriend. I do not claim the following to be any work of J.R.R. or claim to own anything such as the characters, ect. As I said beforehand, this is only for the other Legolas fans who also believe he should have a girlfriend. And if Orlando Bloom is reading this, all my hugs pointed at you ‘cuz you’re the cutest.
Mirkwood Palace
Legolas stared grimly out the leafy branches of his tree perch. His sister Legowin stared out as well and her keen eyes saw what his saw. She stared out in amazement at the passing humans and dwarves. “Do you think dad will be called to this meeting at Rivendell as well?” “I don’t know Legowin.” At that moment, Legolas’s father called out to him, “Legolas! Legolas, come down. We must go to the meeting in Rivendell!” “Well I guess that answers our question, doesn’t it?” Legolas called to Legowin as he jumped off the branch. “Legolas, you will need a maid to attend to your clothing on the journey.” “Alright father, who?” “You choose.” “Alright, I choose Areli.” “Why?” “She is intelligent, strong, sweet, fierce and loyal, all at the same time.” “She should be around more often!” “She has chores in the stable.” “Oh, well then, a little riding won’t hurt her then, will it? Now go.” Legolas ran swiftly to the stables where Areli was brushing his horse, Gaiwin, a tall white stallion. “Areli, will you come on my trip to Rivendell?” “Why?” “I need someone to take care of my clothes.” “Do I have to?” “Yes! I-er, my father requested you specially.” “Then I suppose I must.” Areli ran to her stall in the stable and pulled out her bag she had fashioned from leaves. She pulled out her bow and her long handed sword, both looking old and the latter even rusty. “Do not bother, I shall get you new equipment. Now pack your clothes.” “All I have is what I’m wearing.” “I’ll get you new clothes then, just come on.” Areli and Legolas ran back to his father. “Father, I must do some buying at the palace shop.” “Alright, get on with it.”
Legolas and Areli ran to the shop and Legolas asked the shopkeeper for the direction to the woman’s clothing section. “Are you going shopping again Legolas?” the shopkeeper said with a smirk. “Not this time Makedimius. Today we find some clothes for the lovely lady.” Legolas said without even frowning or cracking a grin. “Well then, right this way.” Makedimius led them into a place filled with billowing gowns. “You may choose any gown that you wish. Then you must get some riding clothes, forest clothes and your weapons. Choose wisely, for your choices may influence your pack weight.” Areli nodded and stepped back to admire the dresses. Areli soon chose a lightweight, floating gown made of a very light material. She asked the way to the riding clothes and forest clothes, which were in the same section. She decided on a cute but comfortable and light riding outfit, and a beautiful, but comfortable forest dress. Then she wandered over to the weapons.
Areli had never seen such magnificent weapons in her life. All her weapons had been old and rusty. She lifted up a lightweight longbow and a quiver of arrows. The longbow had a strange design on the edge. She turned and asked Legolas what it was when she noticed him staring at her. “What?” Legolas jumped as if startled. “Nothing, really. Just that you’ve picked out the best weaponry before anyone has told you.” “Well, maybe you can tell me what this symbol is on the side?” Legolas stared long and hard at the bow. “What symbol?” he eventually said in a quiet voice. It was then that Areli realized that only she could see it.
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