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                A FEAST FIT FOR A KING

There was food as far as the eye could see. Tables upon tables stretched forever, each one covered with glorious food: 

Fruits, in all shapes and colors piled high on golden platters, steaming pots of soup, their aromas drifting through the air, meats, tender juicy meats, were spread across the tables. Beef, fish and pork, more kinds of meat then could be counted in one try.

There were vegetables arranged in fun and interesting ways. Cakes and puddings made to depict historical events and magnificent moments. And Cheese. Oh yes and cheese, the wonderful breathtaking cheese. The enchanting smells wayfaring in through my nose. There was Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese, Munster cheese, all of it just waiting to be devoured. 

How could anyone resist the sweet temptation of their look, soft and smooth with the candlelight flickering of them?  I skirted across the tabletop ducking behind pots and plates to avoid being spotted. Someone struck up a merry tune.  I would have stopped to listen if I hadn’t had a particular dish of cheese in my eye.

I was almost there. My whiskers wiggled in anticipation. The delicious cheese was just ahead. I dived in to a large chunk of Mozzarella cheese. I tasted the sweet but tangy flavor and savored it as it went down. I added some Parmesan to that and marveled at the sensational mix the two made.

Just before I made it to the Brie I was lifted out by the tail and dropped on the stone floor.  I looked up at the table far above me. I could still smell the cheese but it was far beyond by grasp. I was about to try again when I sensed that a cat was near by. I scurried off towards my den. I could wait. There would be scraps and then all that cheese would be mine. I could wait.

The next morning King Aragorn ordered all the finest cheese for breakfast after awaking from the strangest dream.  



The End

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