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Story Notes:
I'm really excited. this is my 2nd fanfiction story and probably with more suspence. I know the picture isn't actually Eomer!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Oh, hail Tolkien for inspiring us people, young and old, to write these fanfiction stories!!
The cold mist of the night wrapped around the tall, dark clad figure, which silently walked through the streets of the sleepy city. A small, black cat darted across the street before the stranger, disappearing into the nearby alleyway. A single oil lamp flickered in an open window. The figure cringed toward it, and climbed over the sill. The room was well lit with a roaring fire, and a candlestick on the empty table. A knife to the neck, and a strong arm across the chest, warned the cloaked figure; this was no ordinary meeting.

“Take you hood off,” whispered the attacker. “So I can see you.”

The knife and arm release and the stranger brushed the hood off his head. His pale gaze seemed to be more gray than blue, his hair was damp and a dark brown colour, his skin was pale. He turned to face his attacker with a kick to the chest, but soon perished the thought when he saw his attacker was a young girl, a girl who was a little shorter than he. Her deep brown eyes seemed more black than their original colour, her black hair braided into many tiny smaller braids, tumbled down her back, looking like she had long, thin dreadlocks. She flashed a grin and sheathed the knife.

“You are more convincing than I thought,” she smirked. “Princeling!”

“I am more than you know,” Aragorn said warningly. “What is your name?”

“Firith,” was the reply. “Daughter of Beregond."

"I didn't know he had a daughter," Aragorn said suprised.

“I know, it's complicated,” Firith retorted. “I thought you might help me. I'm scared.”

"Why?," the man asked bitterly.

"I know of people coming from the future," she looked down at her feet.

"There's going to be a guard walking past soon. Tomorrow, at the stables," the reply came cooly.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Firth took a scorched piece of parchment out a pocket. "I figured it will come in handy."

Aragorn smiled faintly. He gently took it, unfolded it and gasped. On the stained paper, was a drawing of a boy and a girl, they both looked same, yet not the same. Confusion dawned on Aragorn's face.

"They are twins," Firith said, breaking the silence. "I have forseen their coming. I have drawn them so I can reconise them when they arrive."

"Are you sure of this?" muttered Aragorn, taking the girl's shoulders in his hands, as she smiled and nods

Aragorn nodded a thanks and jumped out the window, just as the patrolling guards turned the corner to another street. Firith Lay down on her cloak, and fell into a deep sleep. The black cat from the street jumped onto the sill, to peer at the girl, and blink its orange eyes curiously.
Chapter End Notes:
So, did you like it? feel free to review. More come for those who are still in suspence!!
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