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The grey blue clouds growled and lit up over head. The dark ocean waves rolled and crashed on to the pale, grey sand. Rain fell like glistening silver beads and into her hair. Her skin was of copper colour, but seemed pale in the growing dark, tears fell from her amber coloured eyes and down her high cheekbones. The rain began to fall rapidly as the wind blew strongly. Her black hair, now wet, whipped across her face. The pain pleased her. Another crack of thunder, made her stare at the dark, cloud stained sky. A single, pale cloud seemed to be shaped in heart, three swords through it. The girl looked back done towards the almost black waves, sighed and fell to the wet sand. She felt her mind leave, into a sleeping state. There on the beach she lay, no sea-spray nor wind nor rain awoke her.

Day broke out over the small, remote village at bend of the river Anduin. A single rooster crowed, dogs barked, and the working day had began. A mist lay thickly around the village as if it were trying to embrace it, before the morning became too warm. Some children, playing near the riverbank, stopped, and stared silently at a company of horses. They appeared out of the mist. As the figures past, they saw the leader's features. He had long blonde hair, which fell down past his shoulders, a small nose, slanted eyes, the colour of a clear summers' night and high cheek bones . His skin was alabaster white, also he was broad shouldered and had a strong build. He rode his black mare; as if he had done it, since he was a small lad. His black tunic was slightly damp from the mist. As the company came by, he looked down at the starring children, then stopped his horse, leaned close to the closest child, a girl, and whispered.
“What is your name?” he asked.
“Xophiren,” the girl whispered back.
“Well, Xophiren, tell your friends to run into the village, and tell them that the Prince Legolas, has arrived,” he said
“Who is Prince Legolas?” questioned Xophiren.
The elf pointed toward himself. Xophiren and the other children stared at him for a moment, then ran to the village, shouting and laughing. Legolas smiled and gave a small chuckle.

The girl awoke with a start. At first, she thought she was dead, but as she slowly came to her senses, she realised that she was on the sandy beach. The storm had blown over, and clear the sky was seen. She tried standing, but her legs seemed to collapse, she fell. Realising this, she started to crawl. As she started to crawl, she came to a river, so onward she went. Her ribs cramped, why did they do so? Determination and courage pushed her as she tried to force back tears of fear. She saw the faint light of an old fire through the three-foot tall bracken. 'Village, people,' she thought. She continued crawling up stream. As she continued to crawl, she noticed the warm, wet sensation on her rib cage, below her arm. She shot a glance at where the warmth came from, to find a line of fresh blood, soaking her blue tunic. 'Darn,' she thought.'I'd better hurry.' She crawled on in haste toward the village. Her side began to ache, then, after a moments pause, she continued her way up the bank of the river. She can across the bend of the river, by then it was almost midday. Her first instinct was go into the village and receive help, but she waited. The villagers seemed to not have to noticed, for they were busy at their work. As the girl watched them, she became aware of a tall, elf with an appearance of an angel, long blonde hair fell down his slender shoulders, and eyes of such a brilliant blue, she never saw any thing like it, glance at her and looked away. The elf seemed to be talking to a young woman, and he gestured toward her, on the river bank. The woman glanced over his shoulder, then shook her head. The young woman then turned, and walked away.

Legolas turned toward the river Anduin, looked at the girl, and started to head over toward her. The girl seemed to have a red stain, which went across her side. Legolas quickened his pace. If she was injured, she really needed help. He reached her and knelt down beside her. She was still breathing, a good sign.
“What is your name?” Legolas asked her while he lifted her into his lap.
“Meliom,”she whispered.
“Meliom, I am Legolas of Mirkwood, I am going to try save you,” whispered Legolas in her ear.
“Yes, alright,”she muttered.
Legolas carried closer Meliom to the waters edge, and settled her on the ground. He ripped some of his old riding cloak off to become a bandage.
“Meliom, I'll have to see the whole wound,” he said.
Meliom rolled onto her side and lifted her blood stained, pale blue tunic. She was most glad, to wear a long piece of cotton, hiding her bust. Legolas carefully examined the long wound, it was deep enough , that he could see the white, fleshy, rib. He quickly wet the cloth, and dabbed the dry blood away. With his mind making a choice, he gentle lifted Meliom into his arms, and carried her to the village.


Legolas was amazed at how such a young adolescent, like Meliom, can endure such a wound. The healer of the village, Merthyr, shooed him out of the tent. Merthyr was a short woman, with cat green eyes, and hair coloured like the fur of the wolf. Meliom thought at first the man, Legolas, was one of them angels. Sent from the heavens to rescue her. Her thoughts drifted, until Merthyr started to questioned her.
“So, how did you manager to get it?” asked Merthyr, stirring up a poultice for Meliom.
“I do not remember,”murmured Meliom, closing her heavy eyelids.
“How could you not remember?”questioned Merthyr, looking down at the exhausted girl. “With a cut like that you would have clearly remembered. Unless you fainted!”
“I remember everything going black, then waking up,”muttered Meliom.
“Here, it will help you sleep,”said the healer, passing Meliom the mug of poultice. The dark liquid was warm, and sweet, it trickled down her throat like honey. Feeling drowsy, she lay down on the cot, and fell asleep. Merthyr retrieved the mug from the sleeping girl's hand and walked out of the tent. It was almost sunset. Time to harvest the herbs in the woods.

Legolas, curiously peeped into the tent, of the sleeping girl. Meliom seemed to be sleeping in the cot. Legolas silently walked towards her. Her chest moved slowly indicating, she was asleep. Legolas knelt down next to the cot, reached for her arm, and gently shook it. The girls' eyes fluttered open, her thin lips widened into a smile.
“Hello,” Meliom murmured.
“Hello, how are you?”asked Legolas.
“Fine, your more real than I thought,”she muttered.”I thought I was dreaming.”
“Well, I am not dream!”exclaimed Legolas softly. “You still appear tired, sleep.”
“Don't leave. You presence makes me feel comforted.”
“I won't, I promise.”
Meliom closed her weary eyes, while Legolas pulled the soft blanket over her shoulders. He leaned over her sleeping body and gently kissed her soft forehead. Meliom faintly smiled, and dreamed more peacefully that night than those few days in torment, under those mountains.
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