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Summary: Book 3 in the Son of Gondor series.

Liam goes back to Middle-earth a third time, using one of his two gold coins that are left. When he first gets there, he decides to vist an old friend before going on to Minas Tirith.

Before he leaves to go home, Liam must make a final decision that will effect his life forever: stay in Middle-earth, living out his years in life OR Go back home to earth, where he will stay forever and ever, never able to come back to the strange world that he had grown to love and know?
Rated: PG
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Series: Son of Gondor
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Published: Apr 10 2009 Updated: Apr 20 2009
Story Notes:
This starts right after Liam wakes up in his own bed at his house on earth. (Right after his great hangover.)

1. Prologue by Midnight [Reviews - 0] (260 words)
Short but not sweet... I just love putting my characters through head pain! Umm...well, I decided that I would post this story one chapter at a time, unlike the other two stories in this series.


2. Chapter 1: North by Midnight [Reviews - 0] (936 words)
Yes, chapter one of Forever Eternal. As promised, I will add these chapters as I write them, unlike the first two stories. Ha, I will probably be finished with this story before anyone starts reading it!

Anyhow, here is chapter one.

3. Chapter 2: A Warm Welcome From An Old Friend by Midnight [Reviews - 0] (524 words)
Here is the next chapter of my latest instalment! I hope you like it!