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The green-clad elf ran smoothly between the trees; his feet barely touching the snow, leaving no trace that he’d ever been there. He knew who was chasing him and what would happen if he was caught, and he wasn’t about to just stand there and take it.

Suddenly something cold and wet hit him hard in the side of the head.

Whirling around he saw a tall, young human standing between two pine trees, packing snow between his gloves.

“Wow, Legolas, you run slower than a slug and stumble more than a troll with one leg,” the human laughed as he lobbed another snowball in the elf’s direction.

Legolas ducked. “Well, Aragorn, I’m, not the one who snores and talks in his sleep. And at least when I stumble, I do it more gracefully than you could ever dream. You are like a troll with half a leg!” he retorted with a grin.

“Oh yeah? Well you….” Aragorn was cut off by Legolas’ carefully aimed snowball.

The human brushed the snow from his face and bent down to grab more snow, but was tackled by Legolas and both fell to the ground laughing.

“And what might you be doing?”

The two friends looked up to see King Thranduil standing over them smiling.

“We were just playing with the snow Adar,” Legolas told his father. He demonstrated by shoving a handful of the cold, white stuff in Aragorn’s face.

“Clearly,” Thranduil replied dryly, “You were supposed to wait for Lord Elrond, Elladan, and Elrohir to arrive before coming out, but…

“Sorry, Adar, I honestly forgot,” Legolas said sadly.

“I know… but you know this can’t go unpunished,” the King said thoughtfully.

Legolas looked down, but was shocked when a snowball hit his head. He looked up at his father who just motioned toward the tall pines.

“Elladan and Elrohir,” Aragorn muttered angrily. He also had gotten hit by a wad of snow.

The twins both peaked around the trees, snickered, and then took off in the direction of Thranduil’s stronghold; Legolas and Aragorn jumping up and following in hot pursuit.

Thranduil shook his head and sighed as he watched the foursome running off between the trees. Just another mischief filled day, he thought, smiling to himself.

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