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Author's Chapter Notes:
Warnings are at the very beginning. :]
Warnings: [as said in Story note]
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The silence grew more overwhelming after each passing second.

"It will be alright, it will all be good in the end..." I whispered, trying to convince myself of something that could never be.

My mind wasn't buying it.
I inhaled deeply, then let out a long, ear-popping scream. It was futile.

I could hear the echoes run through the deserted halls as my scream pierced the ever growing silence.
I began to cry- not sob, just a muffled cry.

They can't see they have won.
...If only I knew who they were.

There was clacking of boot heels against concrete ground. I tried to wipe my tears away from my grime-encrusted face. My greasy hair stuck to my face as it fell back over my eyes.

"Poor baby. You cracking yet?" A voice said with a strange accent, the door made a loud creaking sound while it opened. The light from outside poured in.

I winced at the light, it was burning into my eyes as it heavily lit the once blackened room.

I looked around a moment, the light showing the crimson blood-splattered walls, prison cuffs lay around the floor, a small, rust-coated drain in the center of the room.

Bones of the fallen and betrayed lay scattered about the room. The floors and walls were nothing but concrete.

What is this place?

His dark, lank hair shone in the light as his face remained hidden by the position he stood.

"You wish!" I spat to him. I was not even sure what it was I would be 'cracking'. He grunted a laugh.

"Stubborn brute." He said, beginning to turn, as he closed the creaking door he said just loud enough...

" You'll break, they always break."

"I Wouldn't count on it!" I called loudly.

He began to laugh like a sick hyena, it's high pitch screaming in my ears.

"You're a funny one." he finished as he slammed the door completely shut, all the light I was just beginning to get used to, evaporated with the sounds.

I heard his boots clacking once again across the concrete surface as he closed another door beyond, the last sound I heard... silence began to creep over me again.

I curled into the fetal position against one of the damp corners, praying for mercy...

What do I do?

How do I get out?

Where am I and why?

Questions ran across my mind faster than I could think to answer them.

As much as I wanted to deny it, I wanted him back- I wanted him to insult me, or anything... I just wanted the sounds of voices, the light of the hall to come back to me, anything but this dark silence.
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