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Summary: When fifteen-year-old Anna loses her sister in a freak horseriding accident, she has no way of knowing that Izzy has been given another chance to live and love. However, the afterlife works in mysterious ways; soon Anna is plagued by dreams that link her to a young woman from an age long, long forgotten, and to a blue-eyed foal that she has a nagging feeling she should recognise...

A response to Dunedain Ranger of the North's "Animal Transformations" challenge. Rated PG-13 for character death, emotional content and some mild language.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Book-verse, Movie-verse, Crossovers Characters: Original Character
Genres: Angst, Drama, Family, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Other
Warnings: Character Death
Challenges: Animal Transformations
Challenges: Animal Transformations
Series: Second Chance
Chapters: 31 Completed: Yes
Word count: 64189 Read: 42786
Published: Feb 12 2009 Updated: Apr 16 2010
Story Notes:
For Lucy.

1. Prologue by Narya [Reviews - 22] (649 words)

2. Blue Eyes by Narya [Reviews - 8] half-star (1892 words)
Thank you to Pink Siamese for the excellent suggestion of reversing the two sections in this chapter, and for introducing me to a wonderful little thing called Chekhov's Gun :-)

3. A Difficult Evening by Narya [Reviews - 10] (2270 words)
Sitting in a Latin test yesterday, the rest of this story attacked me and demanded to be written; it hasn't ended up going in the direction I thought it would but then that's half the fun of writing! Hope you like it.

4. Interlude by Narya [Reviews - 5] (305 words)

5. Time Flies by Narya [Reviews - 4] (3148 words)
These chapters are getting longer and longer...

6. A Very Odd Dream by Narya [Reviews - 5] (2063 words)

7. The New Boy by Narya [Reviews - 5] (2026 words)

8. Dinner and a Discovery by Narya [Reviews - 6] (2919 words)

9. "I'll be a spinster first!" by Narya [Reviews - 6] (2211 words)
Yes, I got there eventually. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I have finally got round to posting another chapter.

Hope you like it.

10. The Truth by Narya [Reviews - 4] (3293 words)

11. A Visitor by Narya [Reviews - 5] (593 words)
Alright, I owe you guys an apology. I've been doing some tinkering with this chapter and the next one as I've typed them up, and as a result of how things have panned out I've had to shift one paragraph back into the previous chapter. It's just a couple of sentences; I added them on at the end, so you don't have to read "The Truth" all over again, but for the sake of continuity then you may want to read and register them before you keep on with the rest of the story.

12. Brighter Shade by Narya [Reviews - 4] (5289 words)

13. Night Time in the Stables by Narya [Reviews - 4] (1137 words)

14. Isabel Jane Murphy by Narya [Reviews - 4] (3507 words)
Why this jumped me right now I have no idea. I've been tinkering with it for a while, and suddenly all the tinkerings feel like they've been worth it, because I think I've finally written this bitch to the best of my current abilities.

I should be writing essays. Ah well. This is a lot more fun. Thank you to Pink Siamese for inspiring the re-write with her latest chapter of Authentic Smut: A Writer's Guid, posted over at TMoA.

15. A Voice Quiet And Brief by Narya [Reviews - 4] (313 words)

16. "Come to the Prom with me?" by Narya [Reviews - 2] (1520 words)

17. Enigma by Narya [Reviews - 4] (2261 words)
I looked at the longhand draft for this chapter and thought, "That is epically long." So, for ease of typing up, I've split it. I'm trying really hard to get my backside in gear and post the rest of this story - we're getting there now, though! Not long before the big finale, where everyone starts to understand what's happened...

18. Sun Welcoming by Narya [Reviews - 5] (3171 words)

19. A Light from the Shadows by Narya [Reviews - 3] (4349 words)
To anyone who's already read the first part of this chapter, I'm really, really sorry. I posted it, then realised the only way to unravel a plot knot further into the story was to take it down again and edit it. The first half has only been tweaked slightly; however, I've added a considerable amount into the end of the chapter.

Apologies for any confusion, irritation etc. - and especially to Kitt Otter and Tinara, who reviewed version one of this chapter, only to have it (and their reviews) disappear. I did appreciate them, guys, and I feel bad for doing this to you!

20. Smokescreen by Narya [Reviews - 4] (762 words)

21. Realisation by Narya [Reviews - 4] (1361 words)

22. End of an Era/Exams and Distractions by Narya [Reviews - 3] (3192 words)

23. An Idea by Narya [Reviews - 2] (1035 words)

24. Collapse by Narya [Reviews - 2] (2203 words)
See, told you it wouldn't be long!

25. The First Through The Wardrobe by Narya [Reviews - 4] (2853 words)

26. Handfasting by Narya [Reviews - 3] (1845 words)

27. Unexpected Conversations by Narya [Reviews - 4] (2421 words)

28. Shift by Narya [Reviews - 1] (3596 words)

29. Ages Old by Narya [Reviews - 4] (942 words)

30. A View From The Hill by Narya [Reviews - 1] (927 words)

31. Epilogue by Narya [Reviews - 6] (136 words)