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Story Notes:
Anything you recongnize i don't own
Author's Chapter Notes:
it's short i know
"Now who wants to go for a walk?" I asked over the commotion of the dogs. I work at the Alaska Dog Training Center in Anchorage, trying to raise money to fly down to America for vet college.So far I've raise two thousand dollars just enough to get me to Sioux Falls, South Dakota which is where the college is, but the school still costs eighteen thousand dollars.

The dogs were abnormally louder today for some odd reason. I just shrugged the thought off and grabbed a leash. I headed over to the female kennels and got one of my favorite dogs ready. I clipped on the leash and we were off!

The way I caterorize the dogs is by their temperment, behavior, and sometimes if they're cute.Like Ashanti she was my all time favorite and always in a good mood. Yes she'll make a very good sled dog someday.

That day when I was walking Ashanti, she started acting real strange.Like barking at the trees and pulling on the leash. I'm not saying she's a perfect angel, but this wasn't normal. We took a break by the stream that ran a mile away from the center. And the break was a lot more for me then for her. I just stood there watching her while I caught my breath.Even then she was pulling on the leash.
Suddenly she pulled hard enough to pull me off balence and i fell. When I got back up I realized I was alone.

I whistled for Ashanti and when I got no response, I started calling out for her.
"Ashanti! Here girl! Ashanti!" I started getting nervous. The place where we stopped was also by the woods, which were cursed, but that was just said in children's stories to keep them out of there. Plus all of us workers promised that we wouldn't venture in there especially with the dogs.

But right then I wasn't thinking right, all I knew was that Ashanti was in there somewhere and I wasn't just going to abandon her. So I quickly ventured in there before I could change my mind.
Surprisingly the woods weren't as scaring as I thought they would be. Sure there was spider webs and shadows,but I wasn't afraid.

Suddenly I heard growling and foolishly ran towards it. The scene I saw scarred my soul. It was Ashanti. She was fighting this gross devillish creature and losing terribly. I would have moved to save her, but just then I couldn't move. I saw another devillish creature only his attenetion wasn't on Ashanti,but on me. Like I said before couldn't move or talk. I could only stand and watch the creature come up chop my head off. Suddenly I felt sickening crack and my world went black.
Chapter End Notes:
Hope you like it!!
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