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Story Notes:
Hope you enjoy reading! This is just an intro, more about Alex's character and what he becomes will be here soon!
Alex sighed and deleted the sentence that he had just written. He closed the document he had been working on, and opened up msn.

"Finally." he mumbled, his voice hoarse from no speech for over four hours. "Emails." His inbox had six unanswered emails in it; two off of the school, asking for help with teaching year tens who were known as the little terrors, one from his mum, (he winced) and three from his fanfiction website.

"Your chapters have been updated..." Delete. "Who is your favourite Hobbit..." Delete. "Ever wanted to go to Middle-Earth..." He paused, and clicked on the email.

"To go to Middle-Earth would be like a dream..." Alex said, intrigued.

It opened a huge screenpage, with pictures of the Fellowship, but unlike the brilliant movie-actors, Frodo looked different to Elijah Wood, and Gandalf bore no resemblance to whoever it was played him... Alex frowned and scrolled down.

If you could go to Middle-Earth, who would you get along with the most? He clicked his answer, and answered a series of questions, some surprising him, such as: If you ever had the chance to go to Middle-Earth, which animal would you go as? Shortly after a box came up on the screen; it asked him if he wanted to continue, at least three times, by which he was getting annoyed, and then a new website came up.

"Your arrangement for transport will be arranged presently." He nearly fell out of his chair; the cool, female's voice that filled the room boomed out of his speakers, and he leapt up to turn the volume down.

"May feel unpleasant but is harmless..." he frowned. What was going on? "And thanks again for filing for Middle-Earth Animal Friends. We wish you a pleasant stay. If at any time you want to leave Middle-Earth, tough luck."

"What the - " A blinding, yet silent flash of light fileld the room, shattering the glass in his windows, and when it cleared, Alex was no longer there. The pages of his favourite book flicked over, waving in an invisible breeze. He was gone.
Chapter End Notes:
Well? What do you think? I'll update soon! Thanks to Dunedain ranger of the North for setting the challenge!
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