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Author's Chapter Notes:
So I decided to write an AU to my own AU, I am not even sure if that is possible but there you go.

It is inspired by one of the one of the great Canadian rock ballads "Kissing Rain" by Roch Voisine as I am often inspired by music.

The song "Kissing Rain" belongs to Roch Voisine as it certainly isn't mine.

This Chapter kind of steams off from a chapter in my "Child of Storms" story and the chapter "The Prince of Dol Amroth" which was actually written by xFanarix so I can't take credit for that chapter really but this is again an AU of that chapter and what may have happened.
Where are you now? So far away
If only somehow night would disappear
And I could have you here

The storm had slowly rolled in from the North and the sky had darkened before the heavy fall of rain had begun. The sky was lit by a brilliant flash of thunder which was brief moments later followed by the low rumble of thunder.

Prince Elphir of Dol Amroth stood leaning against the frame of the doorway, one leg tucked casually over the other as gazed out into the steady fall of the rain, his face softly gilded by the flickering of the several candles which had been lit to give better light to his work which now sat forgotten for the time upon the desk of his study, many sheaf’s of paper scattered about.

There was a wild beauty to the storm, as it came and passed as it pleased. It would give life to the land by feeding the rivers and streams that would irrigate crops while also the fury of its wind’s could destroy homes, bend and break the stocks of some of the young crops. It could pose a great threat to those unfortunate to be upon any small vessel upon the sea during such a storm as this.

Elphir had never feared the sea, he came from a long line of Sea Prince’s and had sailed upon many a fine ship which comprised his father’s fleet, the pride of this land. There was one voyage out of thousands that was always near to memory, of when he had followed the trail of those that had kidnapped and filled with youthful recklessness he had commandeered one of his father’s ships and set a course in pursuit of a ship that he would ultimately follow deep into the south of Umbar.

It had been there, by utter chance it had seemed, that he had first encountered the eldest child of the Lady Eowyn who had remained hidden for many years. It would prove to be a fateful meeting, one that he had certainly never forgotten even as long years had crept past since that day.

Initially he had been captivated by her beauty for she possessed much of the fairness of her mother but there was also something else about her in her appearance that that he could not so easily place.

Then having been a much younger man, he had been stirred into action by a strong sense of chivalry and duty and there had been a moments doubt in his mind that it would be he, Elphir of Dol Amroth, that would accompany those had been suddenly taken and nearly sold into slavery, home once more.

The long journey home had given him chance to draw nearer to the fair Anwyn whom initially did trouble herself with masking her weariness of the dashing young Prince though as the voyage had drawn on she had warmed to his company and they spend many hour’s together as slowly a great affection began to bloom and grow between them, this was far greater than simple attraction and Elphir dared not speak of it aloud, though he suddenly felt a strong draw towards the lady that was born of something far deeper than a mere attraction.

Whether or not this was returned it was impossible to tell as he found the Lady as difficult to read as a closed book. There were other respects in which she did not shade or try to hide herself from him as the Lady Anwyn spoke at great length of her home in Rohan, having grown and lived there all of her life. There was a longing in her eyes as she had spoken of the far green lands. It had been then that she also told him of the most unusual circumstances that had brought their paths together and that her leaving had not been of any free choice. Yet when she spoke of the land it’s people there was an unmistakable light that touched her eye’s and there was a fire that burned beneath the fair countenance of her flesh that both enchanted and intrigued him, drawing him deeper for there was far more to this woman than would initially seem.

Elphir had listened to her many tales and had begun to understand that it must also be his further duty to return the lady to the land of her own people for she was high hearted and proud and the journey by sea as well as her kidnapping had worn heavily upon her heart.

Yet it wore upon his own heart greatly as well, For Elphir had come to love the lady so dearly but had also foolishly sought to convince himself she was not for him. One filled with such great vitality and spirit could never be content to be as a mere Lady of court, or even indeed, a Princess. The greatest thrill would be to receive new gossip that was forever circulated; it was a small closed existence really for one that was so accustomed to such freedom.

No, he could not claim her as his own; he doubted any man ever truly would be able to do so. It would be to take the swift falcon out of the wide sky and clip its wing and force it into a small cage, while it hurt him, he knew he was only glimpsing at what could never be.

Four days into the voyage, they had run across a violent storm and the ship had been tossed about by white capped waves that ever grew higher and higher. Elphir, who was just as comfortable upon the sea as he was upon the land fought against the savage winds which battered the small ship to man the ropes of the vessel along with his crew.

When the storm had subsided enough that the ship no longer was wildly battered by the strength of the waves Elphir had gone below to the check on the ships guest’s and had been quite startled to find Anwyn, who was quite beside herself and it had taken him a few moments to give thought to what a such storm would mean to one who was completely unaccustomed to voyage by sea.

The Rohirrim woman had been unable to conceal her misery as she had stood clutching with both arms one of the bed’s long posts to seemingly anchor herself against the rocking of the vessel still gently swayed upon beneath them. It had taken some time before he had been able to coax her away and he may have been amused by this were it not for the woman’s obvious discomfort, he had never seen one take to traveling by ship so poorly.

“I do not fear the storm” she had said even as he extended his hand to her and after a moments hesitation she reached out and took it, and Elphir could not help but notice how well her smaller hand fit into his larger one as she had stepped away from the bed “Is that so Lady?” he had asked her though not unkindly and she had nodded briefly “For I was taught long ago not to fear the storm, for it shall ever bring about change”

“Is it that change for the better or for the worse, my lady?” Elphir had asked her, intrigued.

“It is” Anwyn replied at some length “Precisely what we would make of it”

Elphir had then sought to ease her discomfort, he had lingered in her quarters for a time though his better judgment warned him to do otherwise and after a time the woman seemed to forget the gentle movement of the ship as it now glided smoothly along the waves.

When Anwyn had moved towards him, her eyes dark with desire, without word or warning she learned kissed him, her lips soft and sweet against her own yet with such ardor that he was nearly undone, yet he was also taken aback by her boldness. The woman’s intention had been clearer than day. It had been shockingly arousing, for a woman who did not move to mask her desire from him and yet he had drawn away from her then, away from her questing hands and wild kisses and excused himself. Never would he forget the look upon her face even though it had been quickly turned away from him, the bright flush of embarrassment that he had caused burning her cheeks. Elphir knew he could not claim such a woman for his own, she was not for him, once more he found himself fervently trying to convince himself of this.

It was never spoken of between them but the encounter was never far from his mind as he could not help but imagine what she would have felt like in his arms, wild and wanton, so readily giving of herself. Still he was too noble to take her even as she had moved to give him precisely what he desired.

Within days land was spotted upon the horizon and Elphir fought to be glad of this, but in his heart he truly was not, for there was an important decision still before him and as his mind was decided, not matter how great an ache the choice gave him he would remain by it

As they made port Elphir had swiftly gone about making arrangement for a guard of his own trusted men to accompany the Lady Anwyn back to Rohan, for he was certain that was where her heart would always lay and it was where she truly belonged. .

As he had stood and bid the Lady Anwyn farewell for the final time she had sat lightly perched atop a horse and he could not help but feel this is was precisely where she belonged, she was not meant for a life set about the formalities of a court but she was meant to ride free along the wide lands that had been gifted to her ancestors.

Shortly and with so few words she had thanked him thought it had seem she had struggled for her words though her expression had betrayed what her pride would not allow her to easily to show, the hurt and confusion which threatened to overcome. Though there was deeper than this an acceptance as well, she would not beg him to allow her to stay by his side, and understanding that love could not be forced where there was none. Though if she rode now thinking he had not loved her, how wrong she would be.

Thunder had rolled above their heads and the lady cast up her eyes to the dark clouds that were steadily gathering in the sky above, it seemed to him than that she smiled briefly upwards then and even as Elphir had started forward to bid her to wait until the storm had passed she touched her heel to the horses side which had leapt forward into a gallop and she had ridden from his life, her long hair whipping wildly in the wind behind her, a living golden banner.

The rain that had fallen then seemed even more a blessing then for it had mingled with his tears, hiding them from those near to him even as he turned away, washing away his shame.

When the Prince had at last returned to his own home he had been warmly welcomed by his father who had already received word of his actions and gave him a welcome fitting of such heroic feats; Though Imrahil had been quite eager to hear all of what had transpired from his eldest and Elphir did indeed oblige though there was part of his tale which the Prince never saw fit to share with any another.

Within the year Elphir had married, it was an act that in the eyes of some was long overdue as the Prince took one of his father’s most trusted Lords only daughter as his bride. It was no long after this that the new Princess of Dol Amroth had given birth to Elphir’s first son and heir, Alphros.

It could be truly said that the years to follow were peaceful and most prosperous as Dol Amroth continued to thrive as part of the Reunited Kingdom. As the year’s had come and passed Elphir would go on to sire several daughters and sons all of whom he dearly loved and filled his days with happiness and laughter.

Many more years passed with this same swiftness and while blessed with a long life that in years surpassed that of many other mortal men, Imrahil did at last peacefully submit to the gift of men leaving Elphir to rule over the lands in his passing, and the peaceful reign continued without a moments falter.

It was not difficult on a night such as this to be taken back through the years to a day where he had stood and watched as a woman with light grey eyes, the very of clouds after the storm had passed had taken her final leave of him and was never heard from again. Though there could be no doubt that she had reached Rohan safely as the guard that had accompanied her returned some week’s later but bringing gifts but no message, for after all, what was truly left to be said between them?

Over time Elphir had come to realize how much the woman would have given of herself and yet would ask nothing in return. In his position he was confronted on a nearly daily basis of those who would have something of him, they did not ask, but demanded it. It would not do, it was simply not productive to give any thought to what may have been for it was not for him to know if his life could have been lead any differently, though in these rare idle times that he did allow his thoughts to stray.

What had ever become of Anwyn? For the distance between the two land’s was not so great that she could not have journeyed here if she had so wished, though in all fairness the very same could be said of him, for he had not made the journey though he may have well claimed it was for the purpose to see his sister, now the blissful queen of Rohan. Perhaps she may have married; she would have made a very good wife he thought, loyal and loving. Though just as quickly he would always move to reject this thought for he could not imagine her cleaving herself to one alone, in his mind she would ever remain as he had last seen her, riding wild and free, she would not allow any man to hinder her.

Without truly noticing it, Elphir had stepped out into the rain which had thoroughly drenched his fine tunic and soaked through to the flesh beneath and he looked out into the night as lightening streaked through the sky, violent brilliance of light. Reaching a hand he held it palm upwards as the large droplets of rain splashed against his skin, the water pooling in his palm and ran down his wrist in thin rivulets as he closed his hand into a fist and raised his grey eyes upwards to the sky as the rain continued to fall, splashing against his cheeks and brow and clinging to his dark lashes.

Was there by some small hope another that looked into the rain this night and thought of him also? Elphir felt a sharp pang of regret blossom within in his breast as he lowered his hand and turned away from the storm as it continued to rage in the dark skies above him for the rain that ran through his hands was just as elusive and just as quickly lost to him as the woman he had once known long ago.

Elsewhere so to did the rains fall

They came heavily upon the moving emerald sea of grasses, and lightening split the sky and even as some ran through the driving sheets of rain seeking shelter from the storm there was lone figure that stood beneath the covered porch of a small cottage gazing out into the night. The light of but a single lit candle gave its light and softly illuminated the woman’s pale golden hair even as the small flame flickered touched by the wind that howled through the door that had been left open to the night.

Raising her light grey eyes to the darkened sky above her, the woman smiled.

You were the storm in my sky
If only once more I could be so free
Feel you washing over me
Chapter End Notes:
For anyone wishing to hear the full song of "Kissing Rain"

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