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Aragorn awoke with a start. A cry of pain echoed through the night. Quickly the Ranger crawled from his tent and stood listening to the sounds of the surrounding woodlands. Once more the cry sounded, loudly.


Aragorn noted the direction from where it came: the south. Quickly strapping his sword to his back he ran silently into the surrounding trees.


As he ran, the Ranger listened carefully for another hint from where the sound came, but received none.


As he came through some low lying brush, Aragorn noticed the flicker of a fire through the trees ahead. Slowing to a walk he neared the dim light; he heard the sound of voices. The voices taunted and sneered at an unknown victim. The voices were unmistakably those of orcs.






Sorry this chapter was extremely short. I wrote it at the end of my brothers’ soccer game and had to keep it short in order to finish before we left (besides it leaves a nice cliffhanger). I am also sorry this author’s note isn’t as random as it is most other times; Legolas isn’t here reading over my shoulder to argue with me :p. (he went on an all-day hunting trip with Aragorn and will probably be back before I start writing chapter two)


Oh… one more thing. If you’ve read any of the other authors notes I’ve written, please don’t take them wrong! I mean, Legolas and I don’t always argue, we are really great friends! The only time we really argue is during these stories (for some reason we always seem to have different ideas).   

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