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The Surprise!

Me: Ok, so….

Legolas: Hay I want to do it!

Me: No! I’m the Author; I mean it’s called the author’s note for a reason.

Legolas: I didn’t get to do the Bio, and you said I could write it next time!

Me: Yeah, NEXT time.

Legolas: But… You said that least time!

Me: Yeah well… you… you… Oh fine! Do it if you must!

Legolas: Yay!… Ok, well this is the author’s note, as you already know, and I need to tell you a few things before you read the story.
First, I was very young when this happened; six to be exact, so please pardon any dumb things I may say or do.

Me: And how old are you now? Two thousand, Nine hundred, and seventy something? Wow, after all of those years you haven’t changed much, have you?

Legolas: Hay!…

Me: You know what… just continue, Ok?

Legolas: Ummm… Ok… where was I?… Oh yeah! Second, you have to give me credit for just trying, I mean I was very little then.

Me: *whispers* If you don’t know what he means (which you shouldn’t yet) just read the story.

As the first rays of morning light streamed through the window and onto the floor, young Legolas awoke.

The little elf prince of Mirkwood climbed from the bed and silently opened the bedroom door.

Complete and absolute silence met his sharp elven ears. ‘This is good,’ he thought with a smile, ‘Ada is still sleeping! No time for my little surprise.’

Carefully the small elf crept along the halls and down stairs to the kitchen.

Quickly he washed his hands and rolled up the sleeves on his night-shirt.

As quietly as possible he pulled a frying pan from the closet. After greasing it he shoved it on the stove top with a sharp clang.

Then opening the stove’s back he inserted three large pieces of wood. ’How am I going to light this?’ he asked himself.

Looking up he notices the burning lamp high on the wall out of reach. Smiling he ran into the next room to get a chair. Standing on tip toe he grabbed at the lamp.

As it came off the wall hook it slipped in Legolas’ small hands. The glass covering fell loudly to the floor and shattered.

After making sure no one awoke from the noise, he walked around the shards of glass, back to the stove. Not quite sure how he planed on getting the fire from the lamp to the wood, he just dropped the lamp’s base inside. The dry wood quickly caught fire and began burning rapidly.

Grinning, he pulled the chair through the scattered glass to a tall cabinet. Reaching in the back for the basket of eggs he knocked over a box of baking flour. The box broke and the basket slipped, showering the small elf, the chair, and the floor with white powder and broken eggs.

“What Happened!?” came a unexpected and shocked voice from the doorway.


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