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Cosmetics Confiscation

“Legolas! You are supposed to be helping scout. Hightail it out here this instant!” commanded Aragorn.

“Just give me a few minutes,” the elf snapped, from behind his bedroom door.

Finally after commanding him out of his room, multiple time without success, he just opened the door and walked in. the blond elf was sitting in front of the mirror brushing his long strait hair.

“What do you think you are doing!? Do you know you are abandoning your post right now?! There are severe consequences for abandoning your post!” said Aragorn, angrily grabbing the brush from his friend’s hand.

Legolas whirled around angrily. “Have you ever heard of privacy!?” the elf demanded.

“Do you know that the punishment for abandoning your post is mess duty!?” demanded the king.

Legolas‘ anger quickly subsided. “I am sorry. I really am,” he said, staring at the ground.

Aragorn took pity on his friend. “I can’t just pardon you from punishment,” Aragorn said at last “,but I will lessen the punishment some. As punishment I confiscate all of your cosmetics.”

“Even my brush?” the elf asked with horror in his voice.

“Yes, and I will decide when and if you ever get them back,” the king replied.

Legolas, even now, may look like a strong, brave warrior in public, but if you enter his room while he’s not looking (which trust me, is very hard to do. With his sharp ears and all) you will find him in the corner, suffering without his ‘Precious’ cosmetics.

Legolas: Hay! That never happened!

Me: Sush, don't tell everyone.... besides it makes it all the funnier to imagine.

Legolas: But it makes me look like a girl!

Me: Point being?

Legolas: Hmmm... Hay what's that supposed to mean?

Me: Oh nothing.... Hope you enjoyed the story everyone! Reviews with comments, and friendly criticisms are greatly welcome.

Legolas: But... But you...

Me: Oh, come on! Just take a joke.

*Legolas walks away grumbling to himself*

Me: He's just sore because i swiped his qwiver this morning without asking! ;) Better go see what he's up to... Thanks for reading! Bye.
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