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Story Notes:
Written by taeliwren
Tae crossed the room to a silver box on her desk. She pulled the box closer before she opened it, peering down into the contents of the box; a box from India, a bracelet, a couple of pieces of wood and a little black pouch.

Tae sighed and took out the little black pouch before she closed and locked the box, returning to the lounge room where she had laid a black rug on the floor and lit several candles around the room. She looked towards the front door, ensuring it was locked before she went into the lounge room, closing the double doors behind her.

Tae sighed heavily before she dropped the little black pouch onto the black rug. Tae then pulled her jumper off, shivering slightly as the cool air kissed her feverish skin. She grabbed her iPod from the coffee table, putting her headphones in and turning on her Evanescence. She sighed heavily again before she sat down, taking up the black pouch and pulling out the knife within it as she crossed her legs.

Tae observed the blade before she looked to her attire. Pale blue jeans and a white cotton shirt, the stains would never come out after this. She looked back to the blade again and laid it on the rug in front of her before she cautiously removed the bandage around her left hand and wrist, revealing numerous cuts and scars. Her fingers idly wandered over the mutilated flesh before she took the knife up again, pressing it to the untouched flesh and swiped the blade across it before blood began pouring from the fresh wound.

Tae whimpered, feeling the tears spill down her cheeks and the blood pool into her lap, staining her jeans and shirt.

Now that I know what I’m without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

Tae could hear the lyrics and she tried desperately to focus on them as she made another – deeper – incision in her wrist, more blood pooling into her lap. When the song finished and everything was quiet, Tae heard someone open the front door but she had not the strength to move, to hide the knife and disguise the blood.

Blaire threw open the double doors to the lounge room, crying out in horror when she saw Tae fall back onto the rug, unconscious. She ran forward and knelt beside her, taking her bleeding arm and dabbing at it with the rug before she took Tae’s jumper and wrapped it tightly around Tae’s wrist.

Blaire bit her lip, looking down at her unconscious sister before she took out her mobile phone and called Jasper, Tae’s boyfriend.

“Please pick up.” Blaire begged to herself, keeping the pressure on her sister’s arm as the phone rang.

“Hey Blaire, what is it?” Jasper asked, Blaire could hear a car engine in the background.

“I need Carlisle here, now.” Blaire told him.

“Uh . . . okay.” Jasper replied confusedly. “He’s here if you want to talk to him.”

“Please!” Blaire cried and Jasper must’ve given the phone over then because the car engine revved.

“Blaire, what is it?” Carlisle asked. “Where’s Tae?”

“Tae’s here but she’s unconscious.” Blaire answered quickly. “Carlisle, she c-cu-” Blaire trailed off, unable to finish the sentence.

“Blaire, calm down.” Carlisle told her, his voice calm and quiet yet full of authority. “Take a deep breath and explain to me what happened.”

Blaire took the deep breath before she explained again, more slowly this time. “I came home and she was in the lounge room, I think she . . .” Blaire trailed off again, unable to come to terms with it verbally. “But now she’s unconscious.”

“Okay, make sure she doesn’t lose too much more blood, Jasper and I’ll be there soon.” Carlisle replied. “Everything will be fine Blaire, I promise, we’ll sort this all out.”

“Okay.” Blaire answered quietly before she hung up. She put her phone back in her pocket before she ran to the bathroom where she found several bandages in one of the cupboards. She ran back to the lounge room and bound Tae’s arm tightly before moving her to the couch.

By the time Blaire had done this, Carlisle and Jasper still hadn’t arrived so she set about returning the lounge room to its former state, taking the rug and Tae’s jumper out and putting them into the washing machine before she extinguished all the candles, turning on the big light.

Blaire stood in the doorway to the lounge room, looking to her sister who lay pale and unmoving on the couch, the only movement was the slow rising and falling of her chest as she breathed.

“Why Tae?” Blaire breathed.

* * *

Tae drifted through her dark, bloody dreams, wondering how it had come to this. She slowly turned her head, seeing a skull covered in blood before she looked down at her arm which bled quite freely, leaving a trail of blood wherever she went. Tae looked at the cuts and when she concentrated, she swore she could see the bone. She jerked her head up to look at the skull but it was gone.

Tae heard herself whimper before she began running. From what she ran away from she didn’t know but she didn’t stop until she found herself surrounded by black, blood covered trees. In the middle of the gruesome clearing there was a fountain. It was made of marble and when Tae approached it, she realized it was filled with not water, but blood.

Tae tried desperately to turn and run but an invisible force stopped her, pulling her closer to the bloody fountain. She cried out, trying to fight the force only to be forced into the fountain, her clothes being soaked by the blood and she screamed in terror.

‘You cannot win . . . give up, give in.’ A voice called as Tae was held under the water. When she was released, Tae gasped for air, looking around frantically as the blood ran down her face, dripping down her back which she realized was now bare.

‘What is your choice?’ A voice asked darkly and Tae felt something sharp press into her arm.

Tae felt tears well in her eyes before they spilled down her cheeks. “O-Okay . . . please, stop . . .” She begged before something pulled her from the fountain. She was standing for a moment before she fell and the clearing seemed to melt around her, leaving her curled up in the foetal position in the middle by the fountain, naked and covered in blood.

Tae looked up when she felt someone wiping away the blood. She stared into eyes identical to her own and when she looked at the person in full, she realized it was her . . . just different. This Tae had black, straight hair and a bandage around her arm. She smiled at the original Tae.

“Hello.” She said quietly before her appearance changed. Before Tae, there now stood a boy about her age with black ruffled hair and a red band tied around his head, keeping his hair out of his eyes.

“W-Who are you?” Tae asked, sniffling.

“That doesn’t matter little one.” The boy told her before he took her hand and pulled her to her feet. His eyes were a fiery red and Tae felt her core melt when he looked into her eyes.

“What are you d-doing here?” Tae asked softly.

“I came to see you little one.” He murmured before he cupped Tae’s cheek and kissed her passionately. Tae was surprised by this but didn’t she didn’t protest, instead she allowed him to put her arms around his neck. His hands then wandered to her waist and Tae shivered, pressing herself against him.

“Are you willing?” He murmured but before Tae could answer, he somehow managed to thrust into her. Tae screamed in pain as he raped her. She clung onto him for dear life, screaming into his shoulder before he finally stopped, allowing her to fall to the ground, blood trickling onto the ground from between her legs.

“Pathetic little one.” He spat before he kicked her in the side and stalked off, the setting changing again. Tae now lay in a room. The walls were spattered with blood, her blood, Tae realized quickly as she began to feel light-headed and she seemed to faint.

* * *

Jasper watched fearfully as Carlisle mopped up the blood that covered Tae’s wrist and hand. Soon Carlisle had mopped up most of the blood except for the blood that still trickled from the wounds and he began expertly stitching them. Jasper’s breath caught in his throat when Tae yelped in her sleep and he bit his lip.

Tae grew restless and Carlisle growled under his breath. “Jasper, can you hold her down?” Carlisle asked. Jasper nodded slowly before he held Tae’s shoulders to the couch.

Carlisle finished the stitches as quickly as possible before he stood, watching Tae before he looked down at the knife on the floor with Tae’s blood on it. He bent down and picked it up.

“Why would she do this?” Jasper asked quietly. Carlisle sighed softly and shrugged.

“I don’t know, Jasper, I don’t know.”
Chapter End Notes:
Okay . . . the timing is a little out but that doesn't matter, it doesn't really take away from this. Despite the fact this is really grim and not nice, hope you liked it - Breia
PS. Taeliwren means 'Black star' in arulia34's language in her stories, she made it up for me when we were role-playing once
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