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Summary: A vampire falls into Middle Earth, and ends up trampsing through the war, only, the call to become human is tempting, and the ring gets prettier by the day.
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Published: Aug 13 2008 Updated: Jun 28 2009
Story Notes:
I own no characters that you reconize(thogh i wish i owned Legolas)

1. Feeding and Forests by Losseflame [Reviews - 6] (538 words)

2. The Tattered Spy by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (488 words)
Me own no one you reconize. All j. r. r. s stuff. wait, no. I own Annabeth.(the vampire). This is in leggy's point of view.

3. What the HELL?! by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (579 words)
I own noone you reconize, exept for Annabeth.

4. Annabeth by Losseflame [Reviews - 1] (633 words)

5. Cane, Food and Puke by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (1132 words)

6. Seamless intrusion by Losseflame [Reviews - 4] (414 words)
Sorry for taking so long to pump this chapter. Back to school! I'm grimacing.

7. Meeting the ring by Losseflame [Reviews - 2] (885 words)
Sorry for taking so long and how short this is. Back to school is exhausting!

8. Chapter 8 by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (16 words)

9. A Crazy Old Man by Losseflame [Reviews - 5] (814 words)
This has just for learning about Annabeth's past with Cane, and for her to clear things with Gandalf. Your going to need this song in the next few chappies.Narnia Soundtrack - Narnia Lullaby

10. By the Love of Pippin! by Losseflame [Reviews - 2] (1360 words)
This is kinda a filler chappie to show she is slowly becoming humane. The lullaby is A Narnian Lullaby.

11. Fire by Losseflame [Reviews - 1] (548 words)
So this is a really short chapter, but the next one will be up tomorrow. By the way, I hardly got any reviews last time. Feel shame. You are no longer my friends unless you review.

12. Meleth-nin by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (714 words)
So, at last, we see it through Leggie's eyes. By the way, since this chappie was hard to right, i demand reviews. Or Annabeth will be visiting you tonight. And she's pretty thirsty.

13. Feeding and Orcs by Losseflame [Reviews - 3] (1093 words)
Yes, this took a long time, and I really have no excuse. Gomenasai. (I'm sorry in Japanese. I have developed an obsession with Naruto, Bleach And Fruits Basket when I was away.)

14. Moving On by Losseflame [Reviews - 1] (775 words)
I'm sorry it's been taking so long, I feel terrible, but I've been busy. I know it's been months, and the past chapters have been very short, but things are calming down, and, I promise, the updates will come faster.