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Year 200

“Ageless is life,
If not killed by the knife.”
“Priceless is existence,
If not life be tense.”
“You may live a well life,
If only you wish well upon others.”

“These are the words I leave you with. May you learn of them, and each other.”
Many strong men stood before their lord, savoring his holy words.
“Now go, to each land, each corner. Learn of it, and see the truth. If you disobey, you’re people will become weak, and sinful, and soulless, you’re land will dry up, as does the mind I have granted. Farewell, my children.”
And they took flight on their winged steeds, and there followed the gods of Earth and Fire, peace and chaos, good and evil.

3 Centuries later, Year 500

“I fear the lands are becoming loud with evil, and hatred”, Incü said grimly, his eyes closed as if a powerful strain weighed upon his shoulders. “Peace is dying once again.”
His voice was strong, but saddened also. The Incubus turned away from the skies and sighed.
“…Then let us find peacemakers, ”Leäka, his ravishing Incubus wife replied, gripping his hand.
“Yes, that will do. Let us call upon warriors, lords and lovers to speak to the people and their lands. Urruinar and Kelemental shall finish what is left…I’m afraid I am too weak to return to Sinjaras.”, He spoke as if he was elderly, but truly, he was as fresh-faced as the breath of life he gave so many times. Leäka kissed her much too worried God husband, and he held her tightly and responded. Little did she know, his eyes gazed into the abysmal darkness only he could see.

PART ONE: The lovers

There was a rattling on the door, and the oxen-Faun boy wearily got out of his bed and headed toward the door.
“Who the ‘ell is at me door now? Tis only the clearin’ of the gloam!”He swore gruffly in his foreign interpretation of English, and then swung open the door.
And lo and behold, there before him was King Valnir Maupassant, ruler of the Elves.
“Bonjour,” said the elegant elf man.
“O’ why I’d never know ye, to come upon me door! How’re ye doing on this day, yer Highness?” Rheillion gave his ever-deepest bow, and flushed brightly.
“I’ve brought him.” He replied formally.
Rheillion was stifled, then suspicious. “…Who? Who have ye brought?”
Valnir smiled warmly and held his arm out, and a small, adorable blond headed boy peeked from behind his silken sleeve.
“The… Tanuki?
“Oui.He has just been dropped off from Morrowklönd, the land of his kind. He knows what times he is to be in my service. And…do try to be kind.”Valnir stressed, ruffling the boy’s hair.
“Aye, but why me? What did I do? If it’s about last week, I can explain!” Rheillion crowed in despair.
“Nonsense. I chose this little serf because he seemed quite lonely, and most responsible. Plus, the closest to my home.”Valnir hinted humorously, as if he would tweak his nose.
“Will do, sir.” Rheillion replied.
“Farewell”, The King said airily,and headed down the trail satisfyed.
The Tanuki boy stood rigid before Rheillion, abashed, fingering his burgundy tunic that was much too large for him.
“Come in,” Rheillion said in defeat.
The shy boy came in and stood inside, only an inch away from his past area.Rheillion settled down at the makeshift table, and motioned for the boy to come.He shuffled over, and sat before him, big, blue eyes bugging out.
“Are ye hungry?”
He looked up at him in shock, lip quavering.A small whine came from him as he stood up shakedly, and regarded Rheillion in fear as he began to sway.What fear did this boy have of Rheillion, who had only offered a home cooked meal?Sure, Rheillion was a year or so older, twelve and almost thirteen, in fact.
Rheillion stared in both disbelief and pity as the boy stripped away his clothing,and danced alluringly.
“Stop that,” Rheillion uttered, as he was gripped by the movement of that slim, young body.
Yet the boy continued his slow lure painfully, sobbing through his lips.Straining against the urge to stop, and the fear of his beating Rheillion was thought to give.Rheillion shot up out of his seat, and gripped him by the shoulders, and shook.
“Ye dinna have to do that!Don’t ye ever do that in this house again!Understand!?” Rheillion ordered, his voice breaking.
The boy only continued, now sobbing harder and working as well as he could.Grasping the loose fabric of Rheillion’s kilt like a common whore.Rheillion was overwhelmed at his touch, and stepped back quickly.
“Was? Es nutzt nichts?”,The handsome boy asked, worried as he came back to continue what he had started.
“No more.”
“Ich...verstehe nicht.”He replied in a small, delecate voice, downtrodden.Rheillion paused, and comprehended, getting onto his knees.
“No...nein.”Rheillion urged, unsure of his words.
The boy understood,and flushed winsomely.
“Ich bedauere so!”He cried out, eyes filled with tears and a smile spreading across his face.
“You don’t have to apologize...”
“Mein name ist Noidäsuo.”
“Call me Rhei, then..” He replied softly, as if observing a infant take it’s first steps. Rheillion grazed his hand over Noidäsuo’s silken, tear sodden cheek,and shushed him.
Noidäsuo observed him shyly as he fingered his wooden Pan-pipe, full with seven flutes all bundled together snugly.Rheillion lifted it to his mouth and played, serenely, with the magic given to him by the Sylvan father of his kind.Noidäsuo settled his head on Rheillion’s chest, and listened to the most beautifull music his ears had ever heard.
He knew it should have made him felt better, but it only brought back painful memories.He was with this creature-this amazing, strange creature nothing like him, and he was not a slave anymore.This was...this was wonderfull.

Rheillion sat alone on his cot, hearing Noidäsuo reading aloud to himself in the book he had introduced to him.
“No mann shoudst stealen breade fromm ze shopp...”
He snickered at the awkwardness of a German speaking English for the first time,but he would learn.Noidäsuo was a prince.He could read, write, and speak quite well, but not all seemed proper and fit.Noidäsuo was a tortured child.He knew for sure,that was true.But what he didn’t know was who Noid was, and why he seemed much too familiar to him.When Rhei touched him and spoke to him, Noid’s reply was that of the kind only memories presented.

Chapter 0ne: The way they laugh
“Good morning, King Valnir.” Noid said grandly,bowing deeply.
“Bonne journée,Noidäsuo.Your speaking has improved.”,Valnir said, impressed.
“Now why don’t you show Jâr and I a dance?”He offered,leaning back in his silk lined throne,and whispering into his son’s ear with a smile.The young prince giggled,then concentrated half-heartedly.
Noid shuffled his feet,the bells on his toes jingling with every step.If Valnir was going to own an enemies son, he wasn’t going to let him live without humiliation.
“Ja, sire.” Noid replied,and he began to comically dance,purposely tripping over his own feet and losing balance.
Rhei sat at Valnir’s foot and observed,letting the elf’s hand rest on his pronged head of red hair.
“He’s good for an ameteur,”Valnir commented.
“...Could use more than fifty lessons well, indeed.”
The prince watched Noid preform stiffly, then turned to Valnir.
“Why is our bouffon Tanuki? I thought they were our-”, Jâr began to say, with no regard for the one he spoke of so freely.
Valnir glared at him,then shook his head in dissaproval.
“Noidäsuo est notre invité ici. Il ne pense pas à mal.”,Valnir scolded.
“-Mais les villageois, ils les appellent ‘les rats’,Papa!”
“Vous l'avez entendu dire d'eux ? Je n'en aurai plus!”
Noid knew that they were talking of him,even in their silly language.Even so,he hid his emotion,and continued to dance,now less confident.He felt as a slave once again,nothing but an animal programmed to answer to their needs.What was he doing wrong that he deserved no love or friendship?
“Papa? What are those things on his face?” Jâr said in discust,pleased that he was without them.
Noid had never been ashamed of his natural markings that formed at manhood- they were precious to him!
“Those are his taches de tribu, he earns them in manhood.”
“He is no man!He is only a small boy!I am two years older than him,and I bear none of the kind!”, Jâr insisted,sitting up in his minature throne.
“He is a Démon!We Elves have no markings to show our manhood, it is visible in our appearance and attitude.”
Noid breathed deeply, and prevented those dreaded tears from falling , and he faced the other way, with no enthusiasm.
“Danse, imbécile!” Jâr ordered, and Valnir only gave him a stern glare.
When Noid went to dance once again,his legs buckled,and he stood frozen, finally relasing his tears.
“Ye deserve no jester, ye Frevlin glaikit!”Rhei stood abruptly, and seethed at Jâr, glaring as if ready to kill.
Jâr cried out, appaled.
“Brûlez-le aux enjeux, le père! Il est le démon, je jure!”
“Burn him at the stakes?Enough of that, Naf-naf !”,Valnir replied, baffled by the words of his seemingly innocent son.
The spoiled prince dropped his jaw, allowing a gust of air to come blowing out.Valnir put his arm about him, and as he came to snuggle,Valnir stifled a laugh, and slapped him upside the egotistical head.
“Mais je ne me fierai jamais en vous de nouveau!!” Jâr fumed, looking adorable as his face turned radish red, and he stormed out of the room.
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