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Summary: "It was often said in other families that long ago one of the Took ancestors must have taken a fairy wife. That was, of course, absurd, BUT...." - The Hobbit, Chapter One, Page 2

A series of dribbles, drabbles, droubbles, tribbles, and quabbles concerning that Took and that wife.
Rated: G
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Published: May 24 2008 Updated: Jul 03 2008

1. Chapter 01 - The Song by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 2] (102 words)
This is a series of drabbles based on the lines from the Hobbit mentioning a fairy wife. I’m not very good at drabbles, so I decided I needed practice. I’ll write one drabble per chapter, because I can’t write ALL of them at once. I hope you enjoy.

2. Chapter 02 - Lady of the Lake by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (96 words)
“Lady... I am yours... let me hold you in my arms forever more...”

- Lady, by Kenny Rogers

3. Chapter 03 - Flight by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (103 words)
"A dream of silver swans swimming in my mind, lost in isolation..."

- Spiral (Don't Fall), the Cruxshadows

4. Chapter 04 - Need by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (99 words)
"Come live with me and be my love..."

- the Passionate Shepherd to His Love, C. Marlowe

5. Chapter 05 - Awaiting the Lady by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (98 words)
"In winter when the fields are white... In spring when the woods are getting green... In summer when the days are long... In Autumn when the leaves are brown..."

- Humpty Dumpty's Recitation, by Lewis Carroll.

6. Chapter 06 - Are You the One? by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (130 words)
“Tell me are you the one? And tell me are you for real? ... And tell me who are you?”

-Are You the One? by Miranda Sex Garden

7. Chapter 07 - Promises by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (158 words)
“Cross your heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye...”

-A common children’s saying

8. Chapter 08 - A Promise Kept by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (101 words)
“How do I know this promise will be kept?”

- The White Witch, the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis

9. Chapter 09 - The Proposal by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (192 words)
“Why didn't you wait for me?”

- Wesley, the Princess Bride

10. Chapter 10 - The Tasks by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (231 words)
"Ask him to do me this courtesy... And ask for a like favour from me, and then he'll be a true love of mine... Love imposes impossible tasks... But none more than any heart would ask..."

-Scarborough Fair, Old English Ballad

11. Chapter 11 -- the Journey Begins by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (138 words)
“One night the clock struck twelve, the door open wide... and took a step outside..."

- Dark Chest of Wonders, Nightwish

12. Chapter 12 - The Mountains by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (181 words)
“From purple mountains' majesty..."

- America the Beautiful

13. Chapter 13 - Another Set of Tasks by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (174 words)
"There she weaves by night and day a magic web with colors gay... she weaveth steadily and little other care hath she..."

- the Lady of Shallott, by Lord Alfred Tennyson

14. Chapter 14 - Safe in the Shadows by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (117 words)
“Safe in the shadows, deep in the night..."

- Chasing Shadows, Uriah Heep

15. Chapter 15 - the Dwarf King by RazeNymphette [Reviews - 0] (284 words)
"Far o'er the Misty Mountains cold, through dungeons deep and caverns old, we must away ere break of day to seek the pale enchanted gold..."

- The Hobbit: the Movie, JRR Tolkien (1977)