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"Run! Oh by the Gods run!" A petite young woman ran with all her strength. She could see the forest rushing past her in blurs of green and brown. Her shoulder-length hair snagged in rogue branches, but she did not have time to dwell on the pain in her head. Branches and leaves slapped her face and scratched her arms and legs, but she did not slow down.

She had been running for a few minutes but to her, it felt like an eternity.
Her legs were starting to give in, as if they had gained more weight, slowing her down.

She could sense them, following her. Their sneers and cruel laugher echoed through the forest, toying with her.

The small woman tried to hide, but no hiding place ever came into sight.
Her breath started to become shallow and loud, her heart thumped against her chest in a crazy rhythm.

Another cruel laugh filled the cold air as she stumbled and fell to the wet and muddy ground. The footsteps sound start to falter and the young woman tried to ease her breathing to try to listen. They were hardly audible, as if instead of chasing her, they had merely gone for a short walk.

"Foolish little girl," a voice whispered through the forest and the woman trembled in fear.

"Leave me alone!" her fist collided with the ground in anger; her eyes scanned the area filled with absolute horror.

"She's over here!" another voice called.

A dark tall figure emerged from the trees and walked towards the frightened woman. The tall man grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, forcing her to stand on her feet. She tried to fight back, to move away but his grip was too strong.

"Now, now, where is it?" The tall man asked and when she shook her head, he slapped her hard across the face.

"I don't know!" The man calm expression fell and an angry one replaced it. "I swear!"

"Liar!" She watched in horror as his right hand moved as if in slow motion towards her face again. She closed her eyes tightly but the blow never came.

As she reopened her eyes she saw her captor’s eyes widened, blood spilled all over his face. She gasped as she noticed the short arrow sticking out of his forehead.

"Madam, are you alright? Madam?" What are they? Elves?

Her captor’s body fell to the ground with aloud thump but she did not bother to stare at it. Elves had arrived and she was safe for once. That was the last thing she thought of as her world turned black.
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