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Story Notes:
I own nothing from the movie, I am merely using them as a guideline so i don't miss anything from the movie verse as I have entered my character into the movie.
No copywrite infringement intended the use is strictly for entertainment purposes only :D
Author's Chapter Notes:
Meeting Alexandra Ward

*REWRITTEN -- partly**
A Witch out of Time
A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction
By: Jordan

New York City, New York, USA, Present

A dark haired woman knelt before a Wiccan alter. Her dark brown eyes scanned the runes in front of her. A change is coming for me. She frowned as she looked over the symbols. “No... that isn't right.” She studied them closer for a long moment. “That isn't change... not exactly. There's something different.” She had been reading her runes for hours. When she finally looked up from them her eyes widen seeing the darkness outside. Looking up at the clock on the wall, she sighs as she sees the time, then her eyes moved outside her protective circle to the small white kitten eying her, tilting it's head slightly. “Thank you for being patient.” Closing her ritual, she bowed her head, then blew out the candles and opened her circle.
The second she stood, the kitten started meowing at her. “I know, Fern, you're hungry. I thanked you for your patience. You waited three hours, I don't think two more minutes to allow me to stretch will kill you.” She opened her pantry door dug a small scooper into a large bucket holding the kitten's food, then poured it into her dish before moving on to make her own dinner.
After grabbing a bag of pre-made salad from the fridge, and preparing it, she settled into the couch, turned on her laptop, and started writing down the messages she had seen in her word program. If the runes didn't foresee a change in the future for her, she was more then determined to write a spell to change her luck.
Her spells hadn't always worked. Only the minor ones, and even those were house work related. Any of the big ones to change things in her life had never worked. She wasn't sure what prompted her to start writing a spell then, but she wasn't going to ignore it. She rested her head against the back of the couch staring at the computer screen as an IM popped up to greet her.

JohnSStrat: Hey there, Xandra.

She smiled at the familiar screen name before sitting forward and typing back.

WiccanWarriorXand: Hey John, how are things on the West coast?
JohnSStrat: Slow. Band hasn't made any headway.
WiccanWarriorXand: That sucks. Didn't you have that gig today?
JohnSStrat: yeah. We thought there'd be someone important there, but we were misinformed. It was a shit performance too. Our drummer was half hung over. I could have killed him.
WiccanWarriorXand: Ouch. I lit a candle for you tonight.
JohnSStrat: Girlie, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you were Catholic.
WiccanWarriorXand: Good thing you know better then. =) I'm sure things will pick up.
JohnSStrat: How's the power training coming?

She sighs before typing, her magical abilities were forever changing, growing. She refused to try anything with the new ability at least until she could practice in a safer environment.

WiccanWarriorXand: I haven't yet. I need a place to practice without the risk of setting something on fire.
JohnSStrat: Or freeze something.
WiccanWarriorXand: Or that. And it will be a very nice power to have once I can control it better. I'm going to try to write a spell tonight to help.
JohnSStrat: :/ Good luck. Hey I gotta get goin' keep your head up sweetheart.
WiccanWarriorXand: Blessed Be.

As John signs out she sighed as she put up an away message, then a frown spread across her lips as she reopens her word program. For a few hours she wrote out spells in different ways, none of which sound satisfying to her. The spells didn't have to rhyme, but she noticed it had a greater effect when it did. To her writing spells and mixing “potions” more herbal remedies made her feel too much like a witch that should be cackling over a huge cauldron instead of the solo practitioner she was. She was head of an on line community of Wiccans. Only a few of which knew her true secret. Her gift of holding true magical powers.
Finally getting the spell right, she rested back against the couch once more then concentrated on the PC's keyboard, more specifically on the Ctrl and P buttons. Simultaneously the buttons pressed down, and the printer across the room kicked on. As soon as the paper finished printing, she focused her attention once more, and it lifted off the tray, and floated across the room to her waiting hand. She looked over the spell for a long time before the clock on the wall told her it was no longer Wednesday, rather Thursday. “Great.” She sighed, and pushed herself off the couch, and moved to the kitchen, the bowl, in which her salad had previously been, now empty in her hands. She placed it in the sink, ran some water into it and gave the kitten a bit more food before she turned, heading for her room. She stopped as she noticed the vase of flowers on the end table by the couch were starting to wilt. “Damn it.” She moved to the table, placing her fingertips to the carnations, then smiled after a moment when they righted themselves, seemingly in full bloom once more. Her smile grew as three more appeared in the vase, a strange color for carnations, purple, light blue, and green. Alexandra then wa ved her hand at the lamp on the table, and it clicked off as she moved past, and into her bedroom.
Sitting on the edge of her bed, she stared at the paper. “Tomorrow... my life is going to change. I need a good paying job... I need a better apartment, a house would be better out of the city. And this little baby will do it.” She smiled at the small kitten as she jumped up on the bed beside her. “A change I need, and wealth abound, take my life, and bring me to new ground.” She lights the green candle beside her bed, and set the paper ablaze using her telekinesis to levitate the paper in the air so it would burn entirely before laying down, and pulling the covers up.
“Tomorrow will bring change. I know it.”

The next morning, she awoke to an unusually bright bedroom. Rolling onto her back, she frowned. This wasn't her bed. Strands of something unusual moved between her fingers as she stretched, then the sound of an unfamiliar rustling snapped her eyes open. As she opened her eyes, they widen in fear. Five men surrounded her, long blonde hair were pulled back in various ways, some had blue eyes others dark brown like her own. But the longer she stared at them, the more she realized, they were not “men” there was something very very different about them. All of them held arrows notched into bows, pointed at her. A sixth steps between two of them, his blue eyes boring into hers. “Who are you?”
“How about you tell me who the HELL you are and why am I in the middle of the FOREST?!” She yelled back. Men or not, she felt threatened, and all of them, she felt, should feel damn lucky that none of them fell over as Popsicles, or burst into flames, (Courtesy of her new ability)
He smirked seemingly amused by her reaction, then turned to the other 'men'. “Take her to Lady Galadriel. She will be able to gather the truth from her.”
She winced as two men stow away their bows and arrows and grabbed her by the arms, pulling her to her feet. This was definitely not the type of change she was looking for.
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