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Story Notes:
Part of my Things I'll Never Finish series, i might write more of it though
Author's Chapter Notes:
Legolas and Lansiriel meet, obviously
Legolas ran as fast as he could but the orcs were too many for him to outrun alone. He needed Elladan and Elrohir and Estel, he couldn’t do this by himself. He looked back for a single moment only to fall down a hill. He rolled at top speed downwards until he finally hit something and stopped.

Legolas looked up to see a beautiful elleth kneeling beside him. She had long dark hair braided and tied back into a pony tail and vibrant blue eyes. Legolas sat up and smiled at her. He was speechless.

“Are you alright?” she asked as she pulled Legolas to his feet.

“I’m fine. I’m Legolas.” he replied.

“It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Legolas, I am Lansiriel.” She replied. She battered her eyelashes, making Legolas feel weak, as if she were casting a spell upon him. “I think we should go, I can hear the orcs coming.”

Legolas had completely forgotten. The orcs were still after him. He grasped Lansiriel’s hand and began to run.

“Where are we going?” Lansiriel asked as they ran.

“Away from here. I only just healed from my last batch of wounds because of those monstrosities; I don’t plan for it to happen again, not yet anyway.” Legolas replied rather breathlessly. He knew exactly where they were. If they ran another quarter of a mile, they would be safely within Imladris’ borders. Why had he gone looking for Aragorn in Eriador when it was quite clear that it would take him forever to find the young ranger?

As they approached the borders of Imladris and the lights of the Homely House were visible, the orcs grew closer towards them. Legolas let go of Lansiriel’s hand before he unsheathed his long knives.

“Go and tell Lord Elrond where I am. If you see the twins just tell them to come.” Legolas called over his shoulder.

“But –”

“Go Lansiriel. I’ll be fine.” Legolas called before he ran towards the horde of orcs. *Hopefully* Legolas thought as he slashed the first orc in the arm.

Lansiriel ran towards Imladris only to encounter the twins and Glorfindel.

“Legolas is –” she started but was interrupted by Elladan.

“Fighting orcs, we know. Go and find my father and tell him to expect three casualties in about two hours.”

Lansiriel was rather confused by the statement but kept running. Elrond met her in the courtyard.

“Welcome to Imladris. I am Lord Elrond, what is your name might I ask?” Elrond asked politely.

“Lansiriel. One of your sons told me to tell you to expect three casualties in about two hours.” Lansiriel replied.

“Ah, would you be so kind to come and help me?” Elrond asked.

“I don’t see why not.” Lansiriel replied before Elrond led her to the infirmary where they began preparing for the return of the eternally wounded.

End chapter 1
Chapter End Notes:
Yes i know, this used to be posted and then i deleted it but i've decided i'm gonna post all of my stuff and eventually they'll get finished, maybe, i don't know when either so don't ask about that saes. Hope ya liked this chapter and if i'm lucky i'll have written the second chapter for ya this weekend - Li
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