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Title: Sweet Liquid
Type: FPS
Author: Sivan Shemesh sivan325@walla.com
Beta: oli
Pairing: Haldir/Aragorn
Rate: NC-17 overall
Disclaimer: Not mine, but the plot.
Warning: Establish couple, AU.
Summary: Haldir does some tasting…

A/N: Written for "5_sense" community at LJ – List one, Prompt #4: Taste

Haldir moved his cock toward the man's canal, and with one push he thrusts deep inside, he could feel the pleasure build in his body, and he could hear the man that he loves moan with pleasure, he let himself fall into this sensation, until he released his white cum into Aragorn.

After pulling his cock out from Aragorn's channel he could feel that his lover had yet to release, so he bent his head and sucked on Aragorn's penis until he yelled his release into Haldir's mouth.

Haldir took all of what the man had, and Aragorn stared at his lover with open eyes, not sure of what to do. As in one hand he wanted to stroke his cock, and on the other, he wanted to cup Haldir's face and taste his own cum.

The elf noticed the hesitation in the man's eyes, and decided to act.

"You have such a sweet taste there, my love…" Haldir teased him, and then not giving the man any chance to say anything he kissed him.

When the kiss stopped and both gasped for air, Aragorn noticed that some of his cum dropped down the elf's chin, the man started to lick it off, tasting it, and yet making the elf moaned in pleasure.

Oh! How much he loved that elf?
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