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Sitting on the cold greyhound bus, I watched as the scenery flashed by me. I hate traveling. I hate flying. I hate being called out of a meeting to be told that my father’s attorney has to see me. My father… if you give him credit of the word. A man who left me and my mother when I was thirteen. A man that I no longer know despite being very close when I was growing up. Why, may you ask, am I here then?
To tell you the truth… I really do not know. Ever since my mother died or cancer almost six years ago, I have felt that I had to move on and forget that I ever had a father. It was the easiest way of processing everything that had happened to me. I haven’t heard from him in nine years. Why now?
My body aches to be free of the confined space of the bus. I have been traveling for almost twenty hours. My meeting with the lawyer is in less than three hours. In L.A.
I have never even been to L.A.
I have no desire to go to L.A
But here I am. Sharing a seat with a woman who reeks of old cabbage.
I have to get off.
I turned my attention back to the scenery outside. My eyes became unfocused.
I jolt awake when we arrived at the bus station. I’m dying for a cigarette.
As I finally shove my way past everyone and claim my luggage I run to the street for a cab. Luck is never on my side. I light up a cigarette and let it’s comfort consume me. A man walks towards me. He stands silently at my side. His face is turned away from me.
Finally I see a taxi shoot around the corner. I hold up my hand and yell, but the man is quicker.
The cab stops and the man walks toward it. After being in a bus for over thirty hours, my manners are… shit.
“Eh! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I yelled as I stamped out my cigarette.
“Excuse me? This is my cab. I am going to be late for a very important meeting.”
“So am I.”
“Look. I’m begging you. Please just let me have the damn cab.”
“Fine. We’ll share it.”
“Oh no. No no no no… I don’t share cabs with strangers.”
“Fine. Enjoy walking.”
He was getting angry. His hazel eyes flashed. I have not yet backed down from a challenge. I wasn’t about to let my perfect record be smeared with this bastard.
“Fine’ he growled, ‘get in the damn cab.”
I slid onto the cold leather seat of the cab. He slammed the door and barked directions to the driver. I lit up another cigarette. Damn. I’m getting low…
“Can I bum one?”
I sighed. God I hate being so fuckin nice sometimes.
“Of course, especially when you were so gracious to help a poor stranded woman out by offering your cab…”
“All right. All right. Make me feel like shit. I apolagize from the depths of my soul. I promise it is in here somewhere.” He grinned.
Ooohh.. It was one of those… “fuck me now please and fuck me hard” smirks. Fuckin show off.
I pulled out another cigarette and placed it between my lips. I struck a match and lit it. As I brought the cigarette away I saw that some of my lipstick had stained it. Then I handed it to the stranger sitting next to me.
“I’m Naomi.”
“I’m Orlando.”
“Pleasure.” I reached out my hand for his.
Chapter End Notes:
Ok well... this is my first story. If you hate it.. that's fine. I do enjoy constructive criticism so have at it!
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