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Story Notes:
I changed it a little bit, because of some help I got concerning the story. The content has not changed much though.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first story, so don't be to harsh on me :P
Erana was a young elfling living in the beautifull forest of Lothlorien. Her mother had been one of the March Wardens, but with the last attack of the orks she was wounded and now she was leaving with lots of the elves. Her father Rhale did not join her. Erana had heard the fights between her mother and father. He thought she had to stay for her and her brother Emveras, but Mother did not want to stay anymore. And now she, her father and her brother were going to leave Lothlorien. Erana was reluctant to leave the beautifull forest she had always called home. But none the less she was packing her things now. Her father had told her she couldn't take everything, but she didn't know what to leave behind. She had packed her weapons, a beautifull drawing she got from her friend Morwen, some books and a few clothes. She only had room for one more thing. She had to chose between her pensils and her flute. She had been packing one and then unpacking it and packing the other one and unpacking that again. Over and over. Emveras entered her room.

“Are you finally done? We have to pay a visit to the Lord and Lady.”
Erana looked at her brother with tears in her eyes.
“I need more room!”
She was standing with both her flute and the box of handmade pensils in her hands. Emveras smiled at her and took the flute from her.
“I have some room left for this. Then you take your pensils. I would never have my sister to leave anything she loves behind.”
Emveras was an adult now, but he had decided to go with them. Erana wraped her arms around her brother. She looked up at him with tears in her blue eyes.
“Then do you have enough room to take Lothlorien with you?"
Her brother pulled her close to him.
“It is ok sis, you will find happyness in Eryn Lasgalen too.”
Erana was not so sure. She read about it in books as Taur-e-Ndaedelos, the forest of great fears. She would not be happy there. She would never be happy anywhere but Lothlorien.


Erana was looking at the great painting in her hands. On it was the lovely forest of Lothlorien. It was a gift from the Lady of the woods herself. They were away for a few days now. They were on foot, but all was safe since the dark lord was defeated. It took them three more days to get to the edge of Eryn Lasgalen. And from then some more weeks to get to the settlement. They moved much faster over the plains, but in a strange forest, with evil spiders and other evil thing they would move a lot slower. She looked over to the group that had joined them. Some of mothers friends from the March Warden. Haldir and his brothers Orophin and Rumil were there, as were Jyahla and Osis. There were some more families from west Lorien, but Erana didn't know them. A broad elf sat down next to her. Although the world was safe he was wearing his sword and bow at hand. She could see he was strong. She knew that this was Haldir Captain of the March Warden and Captain of her mother.

“That is a beautifull painting.”
Haldirs voice was soft and gentile. Erana had heared it differently when he was shouting orders, but now he sat down next to her and looked at the painting.
“It was a gift from the Lady. She made it herself.”
“Then you must be realy carefull with it. Do you have something to keep it in?”
Erana had been thinking about that herself. Now the weather was fine, but she knew how fast it could turn and then the painting would be ruened.
“Well, not realy, it doesn't fit in my pack. I have been wearing it on my person.”
She saw Haldir smile at her.
“Then I got just the thing. You need it more then I do.”
He walked over to his pack and got out a small black piece of cloth.
“This is called oilskin and if you correctly wrap something in it, it will stay dry.”
Erana looked at the misterious piece of coth, afraid to touch it.
“Is it Magic?”
Haldir laughed.
“Just about as magic as a quiver is. You can have it if you want it.” Erana touched the piece. It felt strange under her fingers.
“But don't you need it Haldir?”
The captain shook his head. “Take it.”
Haldir showed how to wrap the painting in it so that it would not get wet in a rainstorm. She thanked him and put it away in her brothers pack. Knowing hers was too full allready. She sat next to the captain in silence, looking at him from time to time, not knowing what to say.
“So how far are you going with us?” she managed to think up. Haldir had just took a bite. Erana cursed herself for her timing. She felt a bit nervous around the strong captain. After he managed to empty his mouth he awnserd her.
“I will go with you the whole way if that is ok with you.” Erana blushed a bit, about the captain asking her permission.
“ehm ofcourse, but why? Are the woods that dangerous?”
Haldir laughed. “No child, no, I just have to go that way myself. I am visiting a friend of mine.” Erana wondered who Haldir could know in Mirkwood. She decided that the only way she would find out was to ask.
“Who do you know there Haldir?” “Legolas Tranduilion”

Father had walked over to them and gave Erana some cooked meat. “I hope you are not bothering the Captain Erana.”
Haldir waved it away. “Oh no not at all, it is my pleasure to talk to Atinins daughter. We were just talking about Mirkwood.” Father smiled. It had been his home before he met Mother.
“You know in Mirkwood you would be an adult Erana, and there will be many Ellons wanting to mary you.”
Erana started to get a bit nervous. She did not want to be an adult yet. In Lothlorien it would take another twentyfive years for her to reach adulthood. And it would take even longer for her to be allowed to get maried. Father saw her tence up.
“No worries Erana, I wouldnt let them mary you yet. You just tell me in due time. I will keep in mind that you were brought up in Lothlorien.” With that he got up and walked over to Emveras. Erana stared at her food wishing more then ever that she was at home with her mother and her friends.

“Do not worry Erana, I would not let you get married to some elf you don't know.” Erana looked at Haldir and saw anger in his eyes. “Your father is used to the ways of Mirkwood, but you are an elf from Lothlorien. If your mother had brothers they would make sure you would marry the right man, but now I see it as my duty as her captain that I have to make sure of that.” Erana was getting realy nervouse about all this talking about her getting married. Haldir gave her one look and relaxed.

“Now eat your food, and don't worry about all this. It won't happen for a long time, I will make sure of that.” Haldir got up and walked over to his brothers taking them asside. Erana poked her food a bit, but she was not hungry anymore. Again she wished she was home. She did not want to go to this strange forest with their strange rules. She looked up at the brothers of the guard and saw that Orophin and Rumil were looking at her. They quickly looked away, but the damage had been done. Erana had enough. She put her plate down and walked to her pack. She grabed her knife and walked away from the group. Desperatly to be away from the staring eyes, the talk about adulthood and marriage.
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