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Summary: Two non-Sues end up in ME. Panic ensues, and Middle Earth is doomed.
Aoife is paranoid that she has OCD. Paula is as lazy as heck. Aoife’s a klutz. Paula’s a dreamer. Aoife is a hypochondriac. Best friends. Sisters in all but blood.
LOTR freaks.
But not so much that they’ve memorized every single line and Elvish phrase (well, not Paula anyway) but that they find the eye-candy . . . irresistible.
And when they find themselves in Middle Earth by some unforeseen twist of events, with massive concussions (Aoife is sure) things begin to get a little . . . out of hand.
Both will learn things about each other they never knew, never thought of . . . maybe they never wanted to know . . .
It’s not going to be easy. It’s definitely not going to be pretty. But it’s going to be one heck of a ride, and who knows what could happen next . . .
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Movie-verse, Crossovers Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Balrog, Boromir, Faramir, Frodo, Gandalf / Olorin, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas, Merry, Original Character, Pippin, Sam, Saruman, Sauron, The Fellowship
Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, General, Humor, Other, Parody
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), First Draft, Violence
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Chapters: 12 Completed: No
Word count: 41450 Read: 30767
Published: Jan 20 2008 Updated: Apr 09 2008
Story Notes:
All characters (except Aoife and Paula and their various Earth-friends and family) belong to J.R.R Tolkien, and this story has been written for fun and not profit.

1. Chapter 1 - Obsessions Bordering on Mania by Enigma [Reviews - 9] (1538 words)
Okay. So here goes. First chapter, first draft, first story. A pretty large undertaking, and I'm telling you now, it was nerve wracking. Seriously scary. But anyway.
Please, please tell me what you think. I'm trying to make these girls believable, but I'm not sure that it's working.
Enjoy. And people! Really sorry, but I want to add characters, but I'm not sure how . . . sorry, I'm a total newbie to this. If you could point me in the right direction . . . thanks.

2. Sort of Chapter 2 - A Few Notes by Enigma [Reviews - 6] (1065 words)
I'm using this chappie to explain a few important points about Aoife and Paula, as I think that they seem quite alike, even though they're really not. At all.
I would like to extend a really big thank you to my first reviewer Junior and to everyone who has read this so far. Please tell me how I'm doing!

3. Chapter 3 - Can you spell 'potential brain damage?' by Enigma [Reviews - 1] (3210 words)
Let the insanity commence.
Once again I give my fantabulous reviewer Junior her due credit. You rock, my friend!
So, in this chapter you can see just what a hypochondriac Aoife really is, and marvel as to how she and Paula are still friends.

4. Chapter 4 - Major Ouchies by Enigma [Reviews - 1] (2586 words)
Sorry about it being short this time, but the next should be longer. As I am currently in exams and other foul evil such thigns, it could be a week or two until I can update.
Thanks to my wonderfully fantastic reviewers Junior and Ria.
Well, here goes. Wonder at the marvels of Paula's mind.

5. Chapter 5 - Hi!!! . . . in the sky . . . by Enigma [Reviews - 2] (4559 words)
Sorry, folks, but exams are OVER!! And it's finally mid-term, so you know what that means!! Up-dates!! Yay!!
This chappie . . . I think it may have gotten sort of lost half-way through, as I wrote a bit during exams (what can I say - I needed to skive off studying). So yeah.
Yet again, massively humongous thanks to Junior for her reviews!! Thanks, hon! And hope this makes up for the sucky lectures!
Also a welcome to Talking Tree. You are incapable of original thought, you know, chic. Stop taking over my favourite sites!!
Wow, long notes. Anyway, on with the chapter!! And it's a long one, this time. Enjoy.

6. Chapter 6 - The Sue Patrol . . . can we get matching T-shirts? by Enigma [Reviews - 2] (3718 words)
Well, this is Paula being a non-idiot for once, much to the happiness of Talking Tree. I felt inspired, and I know I only posted like a few days ago, and I am aware that not much happens in this, but like chapter 2, I think it is important. And, without further ado, heeeeeere's Paula!!
And once again, thanks to Junior, my wondrous reviewer, and to Talking Tree, my other . . . *ahem* . . . reviewer. Onwards!! WAIT!! HELP!!! I need to be able to add more characters and stuff in the description, but it will only blue high-light one!! HELP!! SOMEONE!! *ahem* On with the show.

7. Chapter 7 - TACKLE-GLOMP!! - Happy Valentines! by Enigma [Reviews - 5] (4223 words)
A little Valentines surprise!! It was a bit of a rush, and again (sorry) not much is happening, but in the next chapter I actually have ideas of things that should happen!! Huzzah!! So, happy Valentines to my fantabulous reviewers Junior and Talking Tree. Enjoy today, lads! Hope you got a lot of sweets (and hot guys)!!
Oh, and a dear friend of mine sent this to me today. For YOU!! A rose!!
Long stemmed, because they're prettier!

8. Chapter 8 - War Tactics and Pink Fluff by Enigma [Reviews - 7] (6318 words)
School is back, so there is little time, but I managed to whip this one up. Hope you like it! Paula traumatizes Legolas, and the depths of the Sue's Suishness is revealed. It's not pretty, but I did warn you in the summary. Mwa ha ha. If anyone except fabulous reviewer Junior and freak-child Tree is reading this, then I'll eat my proverbial hat. Truly. And don't even think of making up a new account an tricking me, Tree. You're so see-through!

9. Chapter 9 - Logic, Meet Your Match by Enigma [Reviews - 7] (4746 words)
Hello again!! It's actually not the chapter I promised, but it was one of those things that just happened. The next chapter, I'm lovin', but I didn't want two great events to happen all at once (love that song!!) so here it is. I actually have so many people to thank for reviews currenlty. *eats yet another proverbial hat* Thanks, as always, are due to Junior and Talking Tree, but also to the wonderful Nazgrrl, and Deadly Shadow. Thanks a bunch, all you guys!
So this was written over a course of an extremely stressful time. I'm surprised I'm not dead (God, I'm an emo) but enjoy. There's a song in Irish in it, but don't worry, I translated the lyrics to the best of my ability. Enough rambling of mine. On with the show.

10. Chapter 10 - The Perfect Blend of Humiliation and Comedy by Enigma [Reviews - 5] (2366 words)
Well, it isn't exactly as long as I promised, as I'm a bit of a rush . . . in fact I have to post this in three minutes, before someone comes to forcibly drag me to the breakfast table. HEY!! I WROTE A NEW BIO!! I know many of you probably find this trivial, but I just thought I'd shout the news. I won't be here for about four days at the earliest . . . but then EASTER BREAK!! YAY!! I await your words with baited breath . . .

11. Chapter 11 - Love is a Many Splendid Thing . . . Generally . . . by Enigma [Reviews - 3] (3782 words)
Wow, this was a difficult one to write. My muses took a vacation in Fiji, I think, along with my sanity. So, it was certainly tricky. I have actual ideas for the next few chapter now, and *le gasp* the rest of the tale!! Aren't you happy? Well, thank Tree. She is quite gifted at odd moments with good advice. Thank you, Tree!
So, here's one of those 'Random Happenings' chapters, but it will be followed shortly by an actual chapter.
And here I extend more sincere and gracious thanks once again to my wonderful reviewers. I love you guys. Without you, I'd be such a regular to the emo hot-line, so thank you Junior, Talking Tree, Nazgrrl, and Karlmir Stonewain. Thanks a bunch, guys!!

12. Chapter 12 - Tough choices - religion or hypothermia? by Enigma [Reviews - 12] half-star (3339 words)
I have returned from what must have seemed, the dead.
Sorry about the long absense, my friends! You know how is it - plays, rehearals, more plays in another language, more rehearsals . . . well, anyway, I hoipe you enjoy this one. It's slightly random, another result of snatched moments and odd times. I hope you enjoy, and forgive me. *falls to knees*
Once again, because you guys just rock so damn hard, I would like to thank my fantastic reviewers Nazgrrl, Karlmir Stonewain, Talking Tree, and of course, Junior.
Thanks to you guys for being your own awesome selves. ; )